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23rd September | 10:00 am

Apple in FE: Universal Design πŸ”§


We’re pleased to be hosting a series of Apple in FE webinars across August and September, focussing on the use of technology in FE. These sessions are designed to help facilitate the move to digital workflows.

In it’s July 2020 publication, the Independent Commission on the College of the Future (ICCF) outlines how “the pandemic has accelerated the need for change”, listing the “technological revolution” as one of the core areas to explore.

In support of the ICCF’s vision, we have created a three-part series – exploring ways to introduce digital workflows in to FE, with a focus on key topics: assessment and feedback, classroom practice and universal design.

Considered learning design can be the difference between how well learners achieve. Join us as we take a look at universal design principles that allow all learners to engage and develop.

All sessions in this series are presented by Mat Pullen. Mat is a seasoned educator, Senior Lecturer at the University of South Wales and a certified Apple Professional Learning Specialist (APLS).

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