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Posted 10.07.19

Adobe XD shortcuts for Mac users

If you’re responsible for designing and prototyping user experience for web and mobile apps, it’s likely that you’re familiar with Adobe XD. We’ve got a few Adobe XD shortcuts that could make the creation process run even smoother!

The basic Adobe XD shortcuts

Abode XD shortcuts file edit tool menu

Well, you need to walk before you can run!

Learning how to navigate the basic functions before you dive right into complex projects will ensure that everything keeps ticking along nicely in the background.

Creative Cloud will autosave while you’re working away to ensure progress is never lost. However, that peace of mind you get when saving your project manually is too good to ignore. Using a shortcut will ensure your workflow isn’t interrupted by moving your eyes away from the task at hand.

Constantly switching tools and modes takes seconds without shortcuts. These add up, and when you’re working on a big project, you could save a lot of time!

Using the Pen tool

Abode XD shortcuts path pen

From a simple line to forming complex paths with multiple anchor points, these shortcuts will make the drawing process run smoothly.

Layers, Groups and Editing

Abode XD shortcuts layers groups artboards

Every object you create is a layer, and you’ll be creating a lot of them, so you’ll want to keep track of these easily with your shortcuts.

Grouping layers allows you to keep elements together, such as headers and footers. This will help you in keeping your layers panel tidy, making them easier to navigate and transform groups.

Aligning and Arranging

Abode XD shortcuts align arrange

“A little to the left, now up a bit- no, not that far, back down!”

Aligning objects is a tedious job, but it needs doing. Shortcuts will help you speed up the process and keep your cool.

No one needs right-click in their life when they’re working on a project, which is why the arrange tools will become a favourite as you move your objects with ease.

Want to become an Adobe XD whizz?

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