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Posted 07.12.20

Get to Know Your Product : MagSafe

Will USB-C Soon Become a Thing of the Past? The Time for Wireless Charging is Now. MagSafe incoming.

If you’ve been keeping up to date with all things Apple, you will know there has been a floodgate of new products unveiled this year. We have been introduced to so many new pieces of technology and there is a lot to keep up with. We at Sync have decided to break down a few of our favourite products, and get to know them a little better…

What is MagSafe?

Apple first introduced the name “MagSafe” back in 2006 for a line of chargers for Mac. These chargers enabled a magnetic connection to help keep cables firmly connected to their device. In October 2020, MagSafe was reintroduced as a prominent feature of the iPhone 12. Making use of the magnetic connection allows snap on connections with a wide range of accessories including wallets, cases and more that have yet to be announced.

The thing that has us most excited however, is the ability to use it with a wireless charging pad. The MagSafe technology guarantees a quicker charge than Qi wireless pads with the magnet aligning with your iPhone for ultrafast 15W charging. To make this more interesting, Apple have also released the MagSafe Duo wireless charger, which allows users to charge their iPhone and Apple watch simultaneously (No more having to look around for two charging cables). 

MagSafe Accessories, Tell me More.

Choice is everything. There are a variety of ways to use MagSafe but powering your phone is a necessity. It enables you to do all of the other fun things that iPhone has to offer. The MagSafe Charger is available from £39 on the Sync website, meaning you no longer need to use the USB-C charging cable.

MagSafe Charger, Apple, Charge

Snap On. Snap Off.

A case can be an opportunity to show off your personality. The MagSafe case offers a magical attach and detach experience every time. The perfectly aligned magnets make wireless charging faster and easier than ever. When it’s time to charge, just leave the case on your iPhone and snap on your MagSafe charger.

MagSafe Case, Apple, Wireless Charging

Keep the Change…

…or maybe just the cards. The iPhone leather wallet is a fantastic (and stylish) way to store your ID, Debit and Credit cards. It features strong built-in magnets that allow it to effortlessly snap into place on the back of an iPhone. Easily attachable to a silicone case with MagSafe to create a look that’s unique to you. 

MagSafe Wallet, Apple Reseller, Leather

Can I Only use the MagSafe Charger on an iPhone 12?

Whilst the magnetic alignment experience only applies to iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro models, you are still able to wirelessly charge other Apple products including iPhone 8 or later, Apple Watch and AirPods. 

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