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Posted 07.05.19

HomePod – getting the most out of your speaker

If you’re using HomePod as a music speaker, you’re not unlocking its true potential. It’s not just the best quality speaker you’ve ever owned, it’s a smart home hub. 

Here are just a few ways you can get the most out of your HomePod.

Use the Siri functions

If your morning routine includes browsing apps for updates on the weather, traffic and news, streamline it. Simply ask your HomePod for updates. Try “Hey Siri, do I need an umbrella today?” or “Hey Siri, what’s the news today?”. Siri can share the most accurate data available for you in milliseconds.

Siri can be there for you for all of your household needs. Whether you need a housework playlist from Apple Music’s extensive library, or to set a timer for your dinner, just ask Siri.

Bring sound to the whole house

Add HomePod to every room in the house and control it from one place. If you want to listen to an audiobook in the living room while the kids have a Disney soundtrack on in the playroom, just use AirPlay 2.

You can also move the sounds from room to room so your music follows wherever you go.

Combine HomePod and HomeKit

Your iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple Watch or HomePod can be the control hub for the entire home. If you’re looking to streamline the way your home works, get the Home app. You can then buy accessories – just look for the ‘Works with Apple HomeKit’ symbol in shops and online.

Through the Home app, you can control your HomeKit enabled products anywhere in the house. You can switch power points and lights on and off, change your thermostat, open your garage door and view your home cameras.

You can tailor HomeKit to your needs. For example, walking through the door and saying, “Hey Siri, I’m home” will switch on the lights of your choosing.

The same goes for switching off – a simple “Hey Siri, goodnight” will have your HomePod turn off your TV and lights, so you can go straight to sleep.

HomePod is available for £319

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