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Posted 05.07.19

How social media made AirPods a success

While being a great indication of those living on the bleeding edge of technology, AirPods have become the every-day piece to your arsenal you didn’t know you needed. Having a truly wireless earbud intended for everyday use has been a godsend for many users.

With more than twenty-four hours of battery life with the charging case and up to five hours of battery life on one charge, that’s not even the best selling point.

The convenience alone of finally having a user-friendly earbud that’s lightweight and doesn’t fall out is reason enough to snag yourself a pair. But, they’ve also become a prominent part of our pop culture lexicon.

Since their unpredictable start in 2016, Apple AirPods have rocketed to become a millennial status symbol. To boot, their rise to fame happened in the most millennial way imaginable- through the power of social media!


AirPods have features that sound simple but truly enhance the user experience. For example, AirPods automatically pair to your iPhone, Mac, or Apple Watch without the delay of fumbling through your Bluetooth settings. A great feature if you’re looking to avoid the awkward delay of syncing your Bluetooth device to phone when someone rings. You can tap your AirPod once to pause your music and twice for Siri. Not only that but removing an AirPod will also automatically pause your music. So clever!


Originally AirPods were misunderstood. As they were so innovative, people just didn’t believe the hype. Assumed to fall out of your ear and mocked for their luxury, fans who were there for the first generation of AirPods had to defend themselves against the non-believers.

Luckily, this is no longer the case. People now watch on in envy as people go about their business with perfectly secured AirPods.


Quickly, AirPods became the factor defining the two types of Apple users: those who have AirPods, and those who want them.

Every year, there is a must-have product, and AirPods was on everyone’s list. Christmas of 2018 made many people’s dreams come true as they flexed on their followers with their brand new accessory.


January 2019 was a tragic time for those who didn’t get a pair for Christmas. It became the equivalent of wearing your uniform on a non-uniform day, and no one wanted to miss out. We’d probably feel that way too because AirPods have truly become a game changer…


Sure, users may feel a little smug now, but is there a worse first-world problem than having to spend ages untangling earphones? AirPods have become a status symbol for a reason, and it’s because they make your life that much easier. You can even sync them to Android devices, so why miss out on happiness?

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