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Posted 17.06.20

iPad 10.2 Case: Our Top 3 Reviewed

There are so many iPad cases on the market that sometimes it’s difficult to make an informed decision. We’re forever being asked “What’s the best iPad 10.2 case?”. So here it is, our top 3 iPad 10.2 cases reviewed…

Ultimately, the whole point of having a case is to protect your device from knocks and bumps to ensure it retains its value and continues to perform effectively.

However, most of us also want the cases to look good. With that in mind, we thought we’d put together a few best choices for the iPad 7th generation 10.2” in different situations and point out why these choices stand out amongst their competition.

Rugged on a budget

The Operlo Basilisk case provides robust protection for your iPad and exceeds military spec testing. It also has a built in screen protector that can be upgraded to a toughened glass screen protector for extra screen protection, a built in Apple Pencil holder and a stand that allows the device to be stood up in portrait or landscape. Despite being rugged, the Basilisk case looks great and isn’t too bulky to fit in your work or school bag.

In summary, the Operlo Basilisk provides excellent levels of protection at a very reasonable price. Choose this case if you want a low cost very hard wearing case.

Mini Macbook

The Logitech Combo Touch is an all in one case that has a trackpad and keyboard built in. With the recent introduction of cursor support for iPad, manufacturers have been quick to create products to suit the consumer that is on the go. If you need the functionality of a Macbook, the Logitech Combo Touch is for you. You’ll be able to highlight spreadsheet cells and compose or edit e-mails with ease. Furthermore, a lot of the keyboard shortcuts available in MacOS are transferrable to iPadOS.

Aesthetically speaking, the Logitech Combo Touch looks very sleek and slim whilst still providing good levels of protection. It even has an Apple Pencil holder and a multi angle kickstand.

In summary, this case looks very sleek and smart and provides a low cost option to complement your existing iMac or MacBook at home.

Choose this case if you value functionality over extra protection.

Zagg Slim Book Go

The Zagg Rugged Keyboard bridges the gap between the first two options by providing good protection and a keyboard case for extra functionality.

This case is in line with military standard drop protection testing and will protect against most knocks and bumps. It’s one of the toughest keyboard cases on the market and still manages to look good. It uses a sleep/wake function with it’s rechargeable battery to ensure the battery can last up to 2 years.

Like the Logitech Combo Touch, it also has a multi angle stand and a break-away keyboard when you just want to use the tablet by itself. 

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