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Posted 28.07.19

The 5 Best Travel Essentials for iPhone Users

Whether it’s for business or pleasure, when you’re travelling, the tech you take with you can make or break your trip. As we sit in the digital nomad era, there are countless packing lists of what you should bring with you, but what about for the people just dipping their toes into travelling? Here are our top five travel essentials.

Battery Backups

Let’s face it, between finding directions, whipping out translating apps and all the photos you’re taking, your phone becomes a necessity while travelling. Bringing a power bank with you is a great option, but it’s not necessarily the best. They’re easy to forget and without a bag, can get quite bulky.

Before you head out on a big day, switch to a Smart Battery Case. You still get the protection of a phone case but have a charger attached to your phone when necessary for up to 18 hours of browsing. Your phone will tell you how charged the battery case is, and you can charge them both simultaneously so you can double up on power ahead of a long day.

Find My Friends

Afraid that you’ll lose your travel buddy in a crowd or want to give your family at home some piece of mind about where you are? With Find My Friends you can easily locate friends and family using your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. By installing the app you can share your location and vice versa with contacts you choose.

You can even automatically alert people when you’ve landed at the airport so your mum knows when to pick you up. For best location accuracy and notification performance, make sure Wi-Fi is enabled on your device.


If you’re poor with directions, an Apple Watch can be a lifesaver when exploring a new city. When using maps on your phone, your watch will give you light taps when it’s time to make a turn, which is a great way to avoid looking like a tourist.

If you’re still working on your trip or on a schedule for things like medication, your Apple Watch can keep track of your meetings and alarms across time zones.

Wireless Earphones

If you’re travelling, then you’re always on the go and want to use an earphone that’s headache free. AirPods have more than twenty-four hours of battery life with the charging case and up to five hours of battery life on one charge and that’s not even the best selling point.

AirPods automatically pair to your iPhone, Mac, or Apple Watch without the delay of fumbling through your Bluetooth settings. A great feature if you’re looking to avoid the awkward delay of syncing your Bluetooth device to phone when someone rings. Plus, if you’re easily distracted, simply removing an AirPod will pause your music so you can focus on your surroundings.

Cable Adaptors

We’ve left what’s arguably the most important for last. If you’re going around the globe, you’ll need an adaptor for different parts of the world. Instead of all-in-ones that can easily fry your larger devices like your laptop, grab an Apple World Travel Adapter Kit. With seven different AC plugs for power points around the world, you’ll be able to charge your iPod, iPhone, iPad and Mac notebooks without fear of ruining them.

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