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Posted 28.05.19

Which Mac accessories do I need?

Having the ultimate working machine at your fingertips makes getting things done feel effortless. Did you know that just a few Mac accessories can enhance your experience?

We cover just a few that will make your life even easier.

Magic Trackpad 2

If you’re forever transitioning between laptop and desktop devices, Magic Trackpad 2 makes the change seamless. Adding the accessory to your desktop will give you the feel of using a laptop. The trackpad sensors allow you to click anywhere. It can also detect subtle differences, recognising how much pressure you apply to the device. Not only that, but it also allows you to use the same gestures you use on your laptop trackpad.

Not only does the high-performance accessory increase efficiency, you can choose a finish that matches your desktop computer – will it be silver or space grey for you?

Shop now for £129.

Leather Sleeve for MacBook Pro

If you’re always on the go with your MacBook Pro, exposing it to the elements can result in unnecessary damage. This can easily be solved by protecting it with a sleeve.

The Leather Sleeve has a sleek, professional look, and you can slide your MacBook Pro out conveniently to make a few notes or send an email.

The sleeve is available in Midnight Blue, Saddle Brown and Black.

Shop now for £179.

AirPods with Wireless Charging Case

Wires limit your movement – so go wireless. With AirPods, you can get up and walk around the office without removing the accessory. And you’ll have a perfect connection while you do it!

With five hours of listening time and three hours of talktime, AirPods can assist you all day long. And if you’re running a little low on battery, just pop them into the charging case for 15 minutes and you’ll be good to go for another few hours.

You can also switch between your desktop, laptop, iPhone and iPad effortlessly as you make calls, dictate, listen to music or watch YouTube videos (for work purposes, of course).

The wireless doesn’t just apply to the EarPods – even the charging case is wireless, making your desk a minimalist, wire-free zone. Perfect!

Shop now for £199.

USB-C VGA Multiport Adapter

Not everyone is as tech-savvy as you! If you’ve got a presentation planned, the USB-C VGA Multiport Adapter will mean you’re prepared in the event of the location not having AirPlay-capable screens.

It never hurts to be prepared – and you can focus on the task at hand instead of technical issues.

Shop now for £75.

Did you know that every purchase from Sync comes with a free three-year guarantee to protect against any mechanical issues or breakdown? Shop with us for peace of mind that you’re protected!

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