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Posted 04.05.21

Supporting Educators with the Latest Technology

Our aim is to provide intuitive technology that helps to inspire creativity, as well as to support teaching and learning effectively. There are fantastic software systems like Jamf, that manage and safeguard Apple products, apps and resources in the cloud and all of this can be delivered without a teacher ever having to touch a device. 

There is a wealth of apps available that have been created to make classrooms more flexible, collaborative and personalised for each student. Augmented Reality also offers an exciting landscape for students to interact with technology; children can now be transported to other planets, and historical events can be recreated before their very eyes. 

For teachers, The Apple classroom app turns an iPad or Mac into a powerful teaching assistant. Teachers can have sight of every iPad in their class, helping them to remain focused on the most relevant information, as well as having the ability to share resources with individual pupils via AirDrop.  

Additionally, The Apple’ Schoolwork App lets teachers effortlessly ‘hand out’ and collect assignments, enabling them to remain focused on and collaborate with individual students in real time, from anywhere. 

Whether you’re new to teaching with Apple, or a seasoned pro, we’ve got you covered. Our dedicated education consultants work with institutions and organisations of all shapes and sizes, supporting teaching and learning wherever they go. If you would like to learn more about how we support schools to adopt and thrive with Apple, click here.

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