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Apple Professional Learning Provider

An Apple Professional Learning Provider aids schools in building the foundations for a successful implementation of Apple technology. They help educators develop their skills with Apple devices, supporting learning, teaching, coding or deployment and management objectives.

Sync supports organisations across the UK in the adoption, deployment, and ongoing use of technology in Education. This covers everything from helping schools introduce the latest devices into the classroom, guiding CPD and curriculum strategies.

Inform and Educate

Training and professional development have always been integral to Sync, and makes up the foundation
on which our mission statement is built. To inform and educate means looking closely at:


If technology doesn’t work seamlessly, then it won’t become integral to the end user’s strategy.


Ensuring that teachers feel confident to integrate technology into curriculum delivery.


A sustainable strategy for technology, encompassing finance, technical and curriculum elements of a deployment.

Professional Learning

Technology is becoming an essential educational tool at an incredible pace, and teachers are searching for ways to make the most of their devices to support innovation.

As an Apple Professional Learning Provider, we offer ongoing, personalised and engaging mentoring to meet the needs of educators around the country. Teachers are able to build the confidence required to develop and encourage deeper learning experiences with students.

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Apple Professional Learning Provider
Apple Professional Learning Provider

Transforming teaching and learning

In order to achieve lasting pedagogical change, a plan for supporting transformation needs to be in place to help students thrive as lifelong learners.

The process includes educational institutions identifying the challenges they face within their curriculum as well as the long-term goals they wish to achieve. By prioritising objectives alongside an Apple Professional Learning Provider, they can create transformational change for educators and students alike.

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Deployment for Learning and Teaching

Explore Apple deployment tools and services that support great learning and teaching. Led by Apple Professional Learning Specialists, this two-day, onsite experience focuses on technical and pedagogical needs through hands-on activities and interactive discussions.

Learn how to start the deployment process with advice and guidance from creating deployment leadership teams to building a mock deployment using Apple School Manager and an MDM Solution.

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Apple Professional Learning Provider

Why choose an Apple Professional Learning Provider?

Pedagogical change is not made by following a one-size-fits-all model. Apple Professional Learning Providers work with educators in the context of their own curriculum, helping to develop the skills they need to integrate technology in a worthwhile, lasting way.

Working alongside an Apple Professional Learning Provider is hands-on, immersive, and above all else, personal. When educators are encouraged to explore their preferred methods of teaching with technology, it opens gateways to learning for students that might not have been accessible before.

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How Sync help schools to Succeed with Apple Products.

At Sync, our mission is to inform and educate, and therefore training is in our DNA. Training underpins all of our operations,
both providing our internal team with regular, in-depth CPD – and also providing valuable training to customers in all of the
sectors we operate in. As a result, we provide over 300-days of training per annum.

Engage a Specialist

Our team of Education Consultants work with schools to create tailored solutions, encompassing the financial, curriculum and technical elements of each project.

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Vision, Strategy and Plan

Our team of Apple experts will explore and evaluate your institution’s vision and strategy for the integration of tech in your curriculum.

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CPD Strategy

We will review your goals and ways to achieve them, working together to create an effective, long-term CPD (Continual Professional Development) strategy.

Learn more about developing a CPD strategy.

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Curriculum integration mapping allows our team to walk through your entire strategy to show how technology can enhance your syllabus.

This is required before moving on to Coaching and Mentoring.

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Coaching and Mentoring

Looking to maximise impact in your school? Our fully qualified teachers work with schools across the UK to deliver curriculum support.

Coaching and Mentoring ensures that our teachers work in partnership with yours to uncover new ways to enhance learning.

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Run through common support and deployment scenarios with our team of Apple experts to get your team comfortable with the technology in their hands so that they can better engage with it.

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