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Sync Academy provides schools and Trusts with a central resource, that can be used to support your institution’s professional
development objectives. We understand that professional development is key to the success of any large project,
so have created a series of self-paced resources, to assist you and your team – from our educators, to yours.

Get to know your iPad

Whether you’re new to iPad, or you’re a seasoned pro, our get to know your iPad collection has been designed to demonstrate some of our educators favourite built-in features, that support in the delivery of teaching and learning.


Discover Classroom app

Classroom app lets teachers manage classroom iPad and Mac devices. You can open apps and links to guide students through a lesson, send and receive documents with everyone in the class, and view iPad screens to keep an eye on student work.


Workflows and collaboration

Discover new ways of working, and learn how to digitise processes like assessment, saving time and money, as well as delivering more valuable feedback to your learners. Includes platforms like Showbie, 365, and Workspace.



All of Apple’s platforms have a comprehensive range of incredibly powerful accessibility tools built right-in to the platform itself. These tools allow every student to customise their learning experience to suit their individual needs.


iPad 9th Generation

Get to know your iPad

How to create and edit folders on your iPad

How to edit the Home Screen on your iPad

How to edit the Today view on your Home Screen on your iPad

How to organise and move apps on your iPad

How to seach on your iPad

How to use Markup on your photos

How to use Split screen or slide over on your iPad

How to use the Dock on your iPad

How to access and edit control centre on your iPad

How to create a Smart Stack on TodayView on your iPad

How to update apps on your iPad

classroom app category icon 1300x1300

Discover Classroom app

How to set up a Class in Apple Classroom

How to share websites through Apple Classroom

How to use Apple classroom recap and closing summary

iCloud category icon 1300x1300

Workflows and collaboration

How to access OneDrive, create folders and share them on your iPad

How to access Zoom on your iPad

How to add documents to folders in OneDrive on your iPad

accessibility category icon 1300x1300


How to Customise Colour Filters to Change the Display on your iPad

How to use Dictation to Type with your Voice

How to Customise Display and Text Size on your iPad

How to Create Custom Shortcuts Using Assistive Touch on iPad

How to use Magnifier to Increase iPad Camera Capability

How to use Safari Reader to Eliminate Distractions when using the Internet

How to use Speak Screen to have Pages of Text Read Aloud on iPad

How to use Speak Selection to have Selected Text Read Aloud on iPad

How to use Zoom to Magnify Parts of iPad Screen

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