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Apple Learning Institute

Apple Learning Institute consists of two full-day sessions exploring how to effectively utilise Apple technology in the classroom and across your institution. Through a mix of interactive workshops, our team will work with you to shape best practices across your school and embrace digital initiatives.

During the course, every participant will develop a Digital Learning Plan that is personalised to their school, enhance their digital and leadership skills to ensure the plan is realised, and on completion walk away with Apple Learning Leader recognition.

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What is an Apple Learning Leader?

Apple Learning Leaders are trailblazing mentors within their institutions, who have an understanding
of the importance of technology in the classroom. They have an elevated approach to the innovation of
teaching and learning, from a leadership perspective.

Attend 2 professional learning sessions
and complete ALI workbook

A focussed Digital Action Plan
and implement this within your institution

10 minute reflection to the group
outlining findings and  next steps

Apple Professional Learning Specialists

Apple Professional Learning Specialists are educators with expert qualifications to illustrate how
to best use
Apple technology in the classroom. Their role is to support educators in how they develop
and implement new approaches to teaching and learning. 

Ricky Brown a Apple Learning Specialist at Sync

Ricky Brown
Apple Learning Specialist 

 Starting work as a Secondary Mathematics teacher in 1997, I have now worked in Primary and Higher Education.
In this time I have delivered a range of subjects including Mathematics, PE and ICT to mention a few.
I have a passion for learning and promoting opportunities to make a difference to all students.

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Course Breakdown

During the Apple Learning Institute course, educators will understand the qualities and behaviours of both culture and teaching and learning excellence. They will also analyse the current institution approach to ‘digital’ and highlight where changes need to be made. Educators will then create a professional learning implementation plan which will be tailored to your institution’s needs and help guide the next steps.

  •  2 full days of engaging workshop modules at the Sync Store
  • The creation of a focussed Digital Learning Plan specific to your school
  • Materials to work on during and after the course 
  • Engage in a range of activities to use with staff
  • Understand how Apple technology can support your institutions priorities 
  • On completion of the course each candidate will leave with a Apple Learning Leader recognition
  • Accommodation is included and arranged by Sync.

£795 Per Person+VAT

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We are running all of our courses from our Manchester City-Centre store, however we can tailor the courses to
meet your availability and needs, this even includes changing location or us coming to your institution.
We have courses available all throughout the year, which will also continuously be updated.

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How can Sync help your institution?

We’ve been helping schools thrive with Apple for over 25 years, and counting.
The results? A heightened level of engagement from students and a significant reduction in teacher workload.

Apple Regional Training Centre

Apple Regional Training Centres are a community of educators and institutions, who provide online and face to face training,  to build the skills and confidence of educators in using Apple technology inside and outside the classroom.

Learn more about the Apple Regional Training Centres we works with.

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Sync Inspire

Sync Inspire is a fantastic opportunity for schools looking to enhance the use of technology in lessons. Up skill your staff while reducing workload and allowing students to explore learning in ways that suit them.

As an APLP, Sync supports organisations across the UK in the adoption, deployment, and ongoing use of technology in Education.

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Apple Professional Learning Provider

An Apple Professional Learning Provider aids schools in building the foundations for a successful implementation of Apple technology.

Discover how Sync can support your organisation in the adoption, deployment, and ongoing use of Apple technology.

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