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The Total Economic Impact of Mac in Business

The devices you choose to utilise within your organisation are just one key aspect to consider when scaling your business, but the impact of this decision can have long-term effects for the good. From cost savings to an increase in productivity, and optimised workflows, Mac can support your business in more ways than one.

By choosing Mac, your business can benefit from the best possible outcomes, including positive financial and company culture impacts.

What is Total Economic Impact?

Total Economic Impact, or TEI, is a comprehensive analysis of the impact of an investment, in comparison to an initial investment from the business.
Essentially, this calculates how “worth it” an investment is – and can be a useful tool in predicting the outcome of a deployment.
When calculating the Total Economic Impact of Mac in your business, it is important to consider:

Employee Impact

Ensuring that employees have access to tools
that allow them to work at their best is key to
maintaining a productive work environment.

Financial Impact

From purchase to renewal, Apple devices retain their residual value throughout the entire lifecycle, resulting in potential cost savings for your business.

Security Impact

Security breaches cost businesses time and money.
By having the tools in place to mitigate the risk of cyber attacks, your business can avoid unnecessary costs.

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What is the Total Economic Impact of Mac?

Return on investment does not necessarily refer to the financial impact of a device deployment. It also includes returns from the cultural impact on staff, such as employee retention, productivity gains, cost savings, and cybersecurity.

Businesses integrating Mac into their workflows can see the impact in a wide variety of ways, from employee retention, to productivity, and even cyber security.

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Increasing Employee Retention

Siemens found an 80% increase in employee satisfaction following their adoption of Mac in their workflows.1 Employee satisfaction is a key component in improving staff retention, which can result in reduced recruitment and training expenses.

When the average cost of turnover for an employee earning £25,000 p/a or over is £30,614, it is more important than ever to ensure that staff retention is a priority within your organisation.2

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Total Economic Impact
Total Economic Impact

Amplifying Productivity for Your Team

Mac users often experience less downtime on their devices, leading to increased employee productivity and potential cost savings. 

When devices are running smoothly, you save time for everyone from the end-user to your IT team. That’s time your organisation could use for more important tasks and has the potential to increase your team’s output.

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Unlocking Cost Savings

Apple devices have a higher residual value than other alternatives. When considering that there is always more to the cost of a device than the purchase price, it is important to consider the longevity of your chosen device’s lifecycle.

We work with Apple Financial Services to ensure that every business is able to find a solution that suits their needs and allows their business to scale and thrive.

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Total Economic Impact
Total Economic Impact

Elevated Security for Your Enterprise

With remote working at an all-time high, new security threats put your employees and business at risk if your hardware is out-of-date or unsecured. 

The cost of a data breach is not just limited to time and money. By preparing and reducing the risk of a breach, you have the potential to see savings on both. With industry-leading security features built-in, Mac is the perfect device to protect your organisation.

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Optimise the way you work with Mac.

Sync work directly with Apple Financial Services to create a financing solution that works for your business.

MacBook Pro (14-inch) M3 Chip

MacBook Pro 14″

The 14-inch MacBook Pro blasts forward with M3, an incredibly advanced chip that brings serious speed and capability. With best-in-class battery life — up to 22 hours5 — and a beautiful Liquid Retina XDR display, it’s a pro laptop without equal.

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MacBook Air 15-inch

MacBook Air 15″

The 15-inch MacBook Air is impossibly thin and has a stunning Liquid Retina display. Supercharged by the M2 chip — and with up to 18 hours of battery life5 — it delivers incredible performance in an
ultra-portable design.

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iMac M3 Chip

iMac 24″

iMac. The world’s best all-in-one desktop computer, now supercharged by the M3 chip. With a stunning 24-inch display6 in an iconic design and best-in-class camera, mics and speakers. iMac is perfect for
work and play.

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Total Economic Impact

The business case for Mac in enterprise — M1 update

A study commissioned by Apple and delivered by Forrester Consulting shows that, over a three-year life cycle, there is an overall cost saving of $8434 for Mac compared with a PC.

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How Sync can support your Business

Sync offer a range of services to help you bring Apple to your business. We can work with
you to support your management team, staff, or technical team to ensure success.

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With our organisation account, your company can obtain quotations and place orders for Apple products and accessories online – with access to exclusive business discounts across the entire Sync catalogue.

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Apple Financial Services

Apple Financial Services keeps your costs low by accounting for the high residual value of Apple devices up front.

Flexible upgrades give you complete control of your refresh cycle. And with clear and straightforward terms, the experience is simple and friendly.

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Apple Tools for IT and Deployment

Apple has built powerful tools for businesses that support IT in every step of the deployment process, helping you to streamline your iPad and Mac deployment – with tools like Federated Authentication.

Learn more about Apple Business Manager, Device Enrolment, and more…

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Deployment Methodology and Device Management

Jamf Pro is a powerful Mobile Device Management (MDM) system – giving you control over your Apple estate, including the ability to manage devices, deploy apps, and provide self service options.

Discover how Jamf Pro could help with your company’s deployment workflow.

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Onsite and Remote Technical Support

It’s important to have someone to turn to should any technical challenges arise post-deployment. Our technicians can work onsite, or remotely to support your team.

Learn more about the different support mechanisms available to your team.

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Auto Trader

Case Study: Auto Trader

Working with Sync, Auto Trader has integrated a range of Apple devices into their workflows, with MacBook Pro being the most prominent device on show throughout their offices.

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1. Siemens and Jamf, ‘The Best of Apple for Every Employee’, 2020

2. Employee Turnover Costs – https://www.brighthr.com/articles/culture-and-performance/staff-turnover/employee-turnover-costs/

4. Based on data from companies interviewed. Companies should use their own estimates within the framework provided in the Forrester study to understand their own cost savings.

5. Battery life varies by use and configuration. See apple.com/batteries for more information.

6. Actual diagonal screen measurement is 23.5 inches.

*Pricing correct on 13.03.23. Excludes VAT at 20%. Based on a 36-month agreement with 12 quarterly payments. Pricing shown is a monthly representation. Minimum term and spend applies. Terms and conditions apply. Finance for business purposes only. Subject to acceptance and affordability checks. Applicants must be 18 or over. Available on new equipment only. For Finance Lease and Operating Lease VAT is due with each rental payment and you will not own the equipment at the end of the agreement. BNP Paribas Leasing Solutions does not offer tax advice; refer to your accountant/auditor for lease accounting advice. Return conditions apply. Terms and conditions apply. Images are for illustrative purposes only. Apple Financial Services is powered by BNP Paribas Leasing Solutions. Finance provided by BNP Paribas Leasing Solutions Limited, Northern Cross, Basingstoke, RG21 4HL. Registered in England No.901225. Authorised and Regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.