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Apple Professional Learning Provider

As an Apple Professional Learning Provider, Sync offer a huge range of Apple courses, including user, technical, creative, app development, teacher training, and bespoke courses. These courses include Apple’s official set of courses. Our courses can also give delegates the opportunity to become an Apple certified professional. Whether you’re new to Apple, or a seasoned pro, we’ve got you covered. Our courses range from beginner to advanced.

Sync Academy

Sync Academy provides schools and Trusts with a central resource, that can be used to support your institution’s professional development objectives.

We understand that professional development is key to the success of any large project, so have created a series of self-paced resources, to assist you and your team – from our educators, to yours.

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Sync Inspire

Sync Inspire offers schools the chance to work alongside Apple Professional Learning Specialists to encourage and inspire teachers and students to make the most of the technology to drive the best results.

Up skill your staff while reducing workload and allowing students to explore learning in ways that suit them.

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Apple Learning Institute

Apple Learning Institute consists of two full-day sessions exploring how to effectively utilise Apple technology in the classroom and across your institution.

Through a mix of interactive workshops, our team will work with you to shape best practices across your school and embrace digital initiatives.

Apple Regional Training Centres

Apple Regional Training Centres are a community of educators and institutions, who provide online and face to face training, to build the skills and confidence of educators in using Apple technology inside and outside the classroom.

Our team of Apple experts have worked with some incredible institutions that have strived towards being named as Apple Regional Training Centres (RTC) over the years.

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Apple Professional Learning

An Apple Professional Learning Provider aids schools in building the foundations for a successful implementation of Apple technology. They help educators develop their skills with Apple devices, supporting learning, teaching, coding or deployment and management objectives.

As an Apple Professional Learning Provider, we offer ongoing, personalised and engaging mentoring to meet the needs of educators around the country.

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Technical Courses

Our extensive technical course catalogue features courses to help you deploy, support, and repair Apple devices.

This includes macOS Support Essentials – which can help prepare you for your Apple exams, and lead to you becoming an Apple Certified Support Professional or Apple Certified IT Professional.

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Apple Deployment Courses

Want to learn how to deploy iPhone, iPad, Mac or other Apple devices? Our Apple deployment courses will help you understand how to configure the Apple technology used in your school, business, or other organisation.

Our experts will take you on a tour of a range of deployment tools and programmes, covering the key features and uses for each element. They will then walk you through the essentials, with a step-by-step guide on how to complete key tasks.

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Apple Support Courses

Looking to master support for iPhone, iPad, Mac, or other Apple devices? Our specialised Apple support courses will provide you with the skills needed to manage Apple technology effectively in your organisation.

Our specialists will guide you through a variety of deployment tools and programs, highlighting the main features and applications of each. Following this, they will provide a detailed, step-by-step tutorial on how to perform crucial tasks.

Apple Troubleshooting Courses

Interested in mastering the troubleshooting of iPhone, iPad, Mac, and other Apple devices? These courses will teach you how to maintain and repair the Apple technology utilised in your organisation.

Explore our range of courses, which will take you through the troubleshooting tools and programmes available and cover the key features and uses for each element.

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Bespoke Courses

Can’t see the course you’re looking for? We offer tailored and bespoke sessions across a range of topics. Whether you’re looking for technical, creative, workflow, or teacher training, we’ve got you covered.

Get in touch to discuss your needs, and we will build the perfect solution for your team.

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Why choose Sync for Apple training?

Apple Authorised

We are proud to be an Apple Professional Learning Provider, working with organisations across the UK to provide onsite training – as well as hosting sessions at our Manchester training centre.

Training Specialists

Our Apple certified trainers provide organisations with
over 300-days of training and CPD each year, supporting
with workflows, productivity, and assessment.

Certification Courses

As an Apple Professional Learning Provider, we are able to offer Apple’s official courses, including exams and certifications – like the coveted Apple Learning Leader certification.

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