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How to deploy Apple Education

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How to Deploy Apple in your Business

Choosing the right deployment model for your business is key. It will affect how you deploy additional devices in future, as well as how you support and manage your users and tech. At Sync, we work with you to create a deployment plan that suits your needs.

One vital part of a successful deployment is selecting your Mobile Device Management system. As the industry leaders, we recommend Jamf. Jamf allows businesses to apply settings, deploy apps and content, and keep track of all devices wirelessly – making deploying and managing Apple devices even easier.

As an Apple Authorised Reseller and Jamf Gold Partner, Sync will utilise the deployment programmes available from Apple and Jamf, in order to create the best deployment strategy for your business. This includes technologies like Zero Touch deployment through Apple Device Enrolment (formerly DEP), Volume Purchasing, Apple Business Manager, Jamf Self Service and more…

Fully Certified

We’re proud to be an Apple Authorised Reseller, and a Jamf Gold Partner. Inline with this, our specialist Apple technicians are also certified.

Device Management Experts

We manage over 51,500 Apple devices (and counting!). We work with organisations from across the UK to provide management solutions of all shapes and sizes.

Ongoing Support

Our team of technical experts can provide ongoing support with your Apple estate, wifi, network, Windows PCs, Chrome or other tech. Learn more.

Talk to a Specialist

Our team of Business Specialists work with organisations across the UK to create the perfect technical solution for all of their Apple devices.

Get in touch to chat by email, phone, video chat, or arrange a meeting at your business.

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Deploy Apple with Jamf Pro

Bring the power of Jamf Pro to your business and take control of your entire Apple estate, from iPhone and iPad, to Mac and Apple TV. Jamf is the standard for Apple management.

Discover new ways to deploy Mac, including tools, workflows, and integrations.

Learn More

Apple Tools for Deployment

Apple has built powerful tools for business and supports IT in every step of the deployment process, helping you to streamline your iPad or Mac deployment.

Learn more about Device Enrolment, Apple Business Manager and more…

Learn More

Technical Support and Deployment Services

Whether you’re looking for deployment support, short-term cover, or ongoing maintenance and support, our team of technical specialists have got you covered.

Explore our range technical services offerings, and how we support businesses.

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Apple Technical Training and Certification

As an Apple Authorised Training Provider, we offer everything from Apple Certification courses, to bespoke sessions. Courses start from just £195 exVAT.

Learn more about our technical training today by checking out our full course list.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Apple Business Manager (ABM)?

Apple Business Manager is a simple, web-based portal that lets IT administrators deploy iPad and Mac in their business. You can easily provide staff with access to Apple services, set up devices, get apps and books, and enable staff with tools to create engaging customer experiences – all from one place.

And now with Microsoft Azure Active Directory support, it’s easier than ever to integrate iPad and Mac into your existing environment and provide your staff with access to key Apple services.

If your business doesn’t have an Apple Business Manager account, you can sign up here for free.

What is Volume Purchasing? (Formerly VPP)

Apple Volume Purchasing (formerly known as the Volume Purchasing Programme, or VPP) allows organisations to bulk-buy copies of apps and books through Apple Business Manager.

These can then be distributed to staff devices via your businesses Mobile Device Management system. App licences can then be revoked and re-distributed to other members of staff as required.

What is Apple Device Enrolment? (Formerly DEP)

Apple Device Enrolment (formerly known as the Device Enrolment programme, or DEP) is an powerful and incredible deployment tool.

Through the Device Enrolment process, a ‘trust’ is created, tying your device serial numbers to your business. From this point on, you have a much greater control of how your Apple devices work.

Whenever one of your Apple devices is turned on for the first time, and connected to the internet, it will automatically check in with your Apple Business Manager account for instructions. For example, this could include instructions to auto-enrol itself in to your Mobile Device Management system for configuration (i.e. Zero Touch deployment).

Device Enrolment can help you both streamline your Apple deployment process, as well as adding an additional layer of security to it.

What is an MDM and why do I need one?

A Mobile Device Management (MDM) system is a tool that can be used to wirelessly manage your Apple devices like iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

Using an MDM, you can do things like wirelessly push the Outlook app to all members of staff, stop employees from downloading their own apps to a work iPad, and even push out Apple updates.

In short, it means you can manage all of your devices from one place… Any organisation deploying Apple devices should look to utilise a MDM system. Examples of MDM solutions include Jamf Pro.

What is Zero Touch deployment?

A ‘zero touch deployment’ is a way of deploying Apple devices without your technical team having to actually touch any of the technology.

It allows you to keep your iPad, iPhone, or Mac sealed in its box. When the end user opens their new device and connects it to a wireless network, the device will auto-configure itself, based on the pre-set config defined by your technical team.

Therefore, the technical team have deployed and configured technology to your staff without having ‘touched’ the device – hence the term ‘zero touch’ deployment.

Zero touch deployments are achieved using a combination of MDM and Apple Device Enrolment.

What is a managed Apple ID?

A ‘managed Apple ID’ is a special kind of Apple ID, which can be created in Apple Business Manager. These can be created for employees, and have a series of benefits giving greater control for businesses.

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