A police officer using an iPhone to file a report in the field.

Modernising Field Services

Supporting Field Services across the UK with Apple Technology.

Apple technology empowers field service workers to effortlessly update records, submit reports, and navigate tasks with precision, all while on the go. The 5G compatible devices eliminate the frustration of traditional admin work on the move, enhancing productivity and ensuring accurate, timely documentation.

Elevate your field services with the unmatched efficiency and user-friendly design of Apple technology.

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Field Services – A Wide Range of Roles

Field Services covers a wide range of roles and responsibilities. From Government Field Services to medical professionals working out in their communities, these roles require constant mobility during day-to-day operations. Without the right tools, efficiency can easily be lost, resulting in delays, added costs and frustrated local communities.

The Right Tools for the Job

By providing Field Services employees with the right tools, teams can see a boost in productivity and efficiency no matter where they are. Apple technology aids those engaging in fieldwork by enabling workers with devices that are easy to use, deploy and manage at scale.

For a reliable and secure solution that allows employees full access to systems of record while out in the community, Field Services need look no further than Apple devices.

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Providing Access in the Field

The more time that employees spend in the field without having to return to the office, the more productive they will be. Work is often duplicated when on the move – notes taken more than once, the same information needing to be relayed to different people in different locations. The cost of these inefficiencies is time and money.

Real-time access to data, work and collaboration in the field is possible with Apple devices while also allowing compatibility with existing systems such as Google Docs, Dropbox and Microsoft OneDrive. Field service employees can collaborate with their own team as well as consult with experts, all while on the move.

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Addressing Inconsistencies

Field Services are experiencing an increased want for better tools from employees in the field. Inefficient fieldwork processes can result in operational budgetary challenges and opportunity costs, making the need for improvement of tools a necessary one.

Not only are Apple devices easy to use, deploy and manage, they also allow for instant data capture as well as being compatible with government record systems and streamline access to data.

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5G Capabilities for Field Services

A common factor in delays of service for employees in the field is connectivity issues. Teams are often working with outdated tech and find themselves unable to utilise 5G – the ultimate tool for delivering a new level of performance from outside of the office.

Apple devices with 5G capabilities can enhance field service operations by utilising Augmented Reality and LIDAR technology. 5G enabled Apple devices have industry-leading battery life for all-day use of energy-intensive apps. The perfect solution for those working in the field for extended periods of time.

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A police officer using an iPhone to take notes and file a crime report in the field.

Bring Apple to your Business

iPad Pro 12.9-inch

iPad Pro 12.9-inch

iPad Pro. The power to do it all, from anywhere. Multitask seamlessly with astonishing M2 performance. See images in vivid detail on the brilliant 12.9-inch Liquid Retina XDR display3 with an immersive all-screen design.

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iPad 10th Gen

iPad 10th Generation

Colorfully reimagined and more capable than ever. The redesigned iPad has the powerful A14 Bionic chip to seamlessly run essential apps and
multitask with ease.

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iPad mini

iPad mini

iPad mini is big for business. Powered by the mighty A15 Bionic chip with Neural Engine and capability for blazing-fast 5G.1 With a stunning 8.3-inch Liquid Retina display,2 all-day battery life,3 and a 12MP Ultra Wide front camera with Center Stage.

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MacBook Air M2

MacBook Air 15-inch

The 15-inch MacBook Air is great for multitasking everyday work on its spacious Liquid Retina display. Supercharged by the M2 chip, go-to business apps fly with up to 18 hours of battery life to keep productivity high.1

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MacBook Pro 14-inch w/ M3 chip - Space Grey

MacBook Pro 14-inch

The 14-inch MacBook Pro blasts forward with M3, an incredibly advanced chip that brings serious speed and capability to deliver next-level
performance for businesses.

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MacBook Pro 16-inch - M3 Pro Max - Space Black

MacBook Pro 16-inch

The 16-inch MacBook Pro blasts forward with M3 Pro and M3 Max, radically advanced chips that bring massive performance and capabilities for the most extreme business workflows.

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