Sync Store Apple

Posted 30.06.20

Sync Store reopening 10am Monday | 06.07.20

We’re excited to announce that Sync will be reopening at 10am on Monday the 6th of July! We’re looking forward to resuming our face-to-face services, including providing advice on the latest tech, processing repairs and…

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fast charging iphone

Posted 23.06.20

How to: Apple Fast Charge

Fast charging is a phrase we hear quite a lot, but what does it really mean? If you are a consumer of electronics including phones, tablets, laptops and more - this blog will help you.... Read More
Mac loading in start up apps

Posted 19.06.20

How to: Change your start up apps on Mac

Is your Mac opening an app every time you log in and distracting you? Starting slower than you've become accustomed to? The reason behind this could be various start up apps that are attempting to... Read More
iPad 10.2 Case

Posted 17.06.20

iPad 10.2 Case: Our Top 3 Reviewed

There are so many iPad cases on the market that sometimes it’s difficult to make an informed decision. We’re forever being asked “What’s the best iPad 10.2 case?”. So here it is, our top 3…

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Fathers Day Gift Guide Blog Image

Posted 08.06.20

Our ultimate Fathers Day gift guide

Fathers Day is around the corner and it’s always difficult finding the perfect gift to make them smile on their special day! We have decided to make your job much easier, we have listed our... Read More
best apple watch app to track sleep

Posted 08.06.20

Best Apple Watch app to track sleep

Do you ever wonder why you’ve woke up feeling like you’ve had no sleep at all? Or maybe the opposite you woke up feeling refreshed ready to attack the new day! Whatever the case sleep... Read More
Apple updates Classroom and Schoolwork Apps

Posted 28.05.20

Apple updates Classroom and Schoolwork Apps

Apple has updated it’s incredibly popular Classroom and Schoolwork apps, introducing a raft of new features. Designed for educational institutions, both apps support the use of iPad in the classroom, by aiding in the facilitation…

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J.K. Rowling sharing new story 'The Ickabog' online for free

Posted 27.05.20

J.K. Rowling sharing new story ‘The Ickabog’ online

J.K. Rowling, the infamous creator of Harry Potter, has announced that she will be sharing her new story ‘The Ickabog’ online. The story is being posted chapter by chapter – and we can’t wait to…

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