Adobe Training, Manchester, Sync

Posted 06.01.21

Creative Access and IT training at Sync

At Sync, personal development and training are at the core of our philosophy. In the wake of a new national lockdown we want to make sure that we serve our business and creative community through... Read More

Posted 30.12.20

Vision: The possibilities of Apple Pencil

Apple Pencil takes drawing and note taking to a whole new level. Apple has released two generations of the stylus so let’s explore the differences between the first and second generation!  

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Apple Reseller

Posted 22.12.20

Sync Christmas Hours

 We hope you are all looking forward to a well deserved Christmas and New Year break. 2020 has been a challenging year for many, but we at Sync hope that you get the chance to recharge and recuperate,…

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Posted 14.12.20

LiDAR: A Quest for Lasers

You may have heard the word LiDAR at some point over the last 12 months. It’s a fantastic feature that we use in a range of Apple products. We answer a few of your key…

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Thomas's Day School London

Posted 11.12.20

Pushing Education to New Limits: How to get the most out of iPad…

We recently sat down (virtually) with two of the team at Thomas’s London Day Schools to ask them how creative teaching and iPad has helped their students to thrive through lockdown.

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MagSafe, iPhone 12, Charging, Wireless

Posted 07.12.20

Get to Know Your Product : MagSafe

Will USB-C Soon Become a Thing of the Past? The Time for Wireless Charging is Now. MagSafe incoming. If you’ve been keeping up to date with all things Apple, you will know there has been…

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Apple, M1, Mac

Posted 11.11.20

Apple introduces a new generation of Mac…

November saw the launch of Apple’s new MacBook Pro, MacBook Air and Mac mini, in what was an eye opening event that introduced people from all over the world to the Apple M1 chip and... Read More
Bonfire, iPhone, Sync

Posted 05.11.20

Bonfire Night: Bring the fireworks to your iPhone

Is there a better sight than seeing the sky lit with beautiful colours from fireworks? Unfortunately for a lot of us, this year we won't be able to experience a proper British bonfire! TECHNOLOGY TO... Read More

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