Effortless IT deployment and integration

Posted 05.05.21

Effortless IT deployment and Integration

iPad and Mac can be easily integrated and personalised within schools. The education deployment guides IT teams through set-up. With Apple School Manager on the team too, device management can be streamlined from day one. ... Read More
Supporting Educators with the latest technology

Posted 04.05.21

Supporting Educators with the Latest Technology

Our aim is to provide intuitive technology that helps to inspire creativity, as well as to support teaching and learning effectively. There are fantastic software systems like Jamf, that manage and safeguard Apple products, apps... Read More
Data Breach, ICO

Posted 29.04.21

Understanding data breaches and ICO investigations

By Antonia Noble, Barrister and Founder of Carter Noble Schools large and small can fall victim to data breaches, either through malicious attack or employee error. Shockingly, there are more than 60,000 hacking attempts every…

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Apple, iPad, Sync

Posted 24.04.21

Creating Powerful Products for Learning

Freedom of expression. The ability for students to express their ideas is critical to their development. We believe that iPad offers a user-friendly and intuitive interface meaning that anybody can make the most out of... Read More
Data Protection Guide Antonia Noble

Posted 24.03.21

Keeping Data Safe in School Systems: A Straightforward Guide

Data protection is essential: it means privacy and respect, and freedom from manipulation. This statement is never more pertinent and pressing than when it refers to schools, the data they hold, and the systems they…

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Reassuring Your Governors

Posted 16.03.21

Data Protection Protocols: Reassuring School Governors

All schools typically work with huge amounts of data, much of which is more sensitive than the data held by the majority of businesses. This data includes a whole raft of special category data, including…

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Raising your school online Profile

Posted 01.03.21

Keeping Students and Staff Safe While Raising Your School’s Online Profile

The online world, including websites and social media channels, can be a powerful tool for schools to use to raise their profiles, and an empowering one when that involves promoting student achievements. But it should…

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We Are Sync, Online Safety

Posted 08.02.21

Online learning: how schools can keep children safe

Being online is an integral part of children and young people’s lives. Social media, online games, websites and apps can be accessed through mobile phones, computers, laptops and tablets – all of which form children…

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