Band on the Wall, Sync, Mancheste

Posted 27.09.21

Band on the Wall – Case Study

Band on the Wall has been a part of Manchester’s thriving music scene for over two centuries. They provide a platform for artists from all over the world, pushing for equality and diversity in music…

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Apple in Business Webinar Series

Posted 04.08.20

Apple in Business Webinar Series

We’re pleased to be hosting an Apple in Business webinar series across August and September 2020, focussing on the use of technology in Business. This series of skills-based webinars has been designed to help business…

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Apple Teacher Learning iPad

Posted 10.02.20

Apple Updates their Apple Teacher Learning Centre

Have you discovered the Apple Teacher Learning Centre? Or started using Apple Teacher as a Professional Development tool? In this article, we will explore what Apple Teacher is, and how it works…

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Man using iPad Accessibility

Posted 09.01.20

The best iPad Accessibility features you don’t know about

Technology is an incredible equaliser in modern day society. With the right knowledge and application – people from all walks of life can communicate. iPadOS and iOS 13 has brought an improvement to an already broad…

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Woman using Sidecar

Posted 31.12.19

Have you used Sidecar yet? Here’s what we think

Sidecar for the Mobile Worker First Impressions I’ve been using Sidecar since it’s launch with Catalina and I must say I’ve found it incredibly more useful than I first thought I would.  During Apple’s keynote…

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Imaging is dead

Posted 10.12.19

Imaging is dead

Imaging is dead! It’s something that we’ve been hearing in the Apple community for some time now and to start with, it wasn’t really. A re-deployment of an in place upgrade was painful but once…

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Apple Repairs

Posted 25.11.19

Are you always on the go? Manage your Mail app better!

Are you constantly on the move due to work or other commitments? Thanks to iOS 13 the Mail app has been completely revamped. We’ve been using the app and taking (a lot of) notes to…

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Man using Apple School Manager on MacBook Pro

Posted 08.11.19

The Clock Is Counting Down, Migrate to Apple School Manager or Apple Business Manager before 1st December

In this article, we look at how and why you should migrate to Apple School Manager or Apple Business Manager from your existing VPP and DEP programmes. If you have managed iPad or Mac over the…

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