apple warranty

Posted 04.03.22

How to Check Your Apple Warranty

Working at an Apple Authorised Service Provider, it is common for customers to be unsure if they have any remaining days of Apple Limited Warranty on their devices. This is because it isn’t always clear…

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small business

Posted 17.11.21

10 Challenges that ALL small businesses face… and how to deal with them!

If you’ve been running a business for a while, you’ll be very well aware that every growth stage of your business presents brand new challenges. Just as you think you’ve ironed out one problem, up…

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Women using Reminders

Posted 02.09.20

Get in Sync with the amazing Reminders app

Do you keep forgetting to pick up milk on your way home from work? Or maybe you have arranged a meal with your friends and don’t want to forget. Whatever the case is we are here…

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Woman finding how to uninstall app

Posted 07.08.20

How to: Uninstall an app on iPhone

So you are here to find out how to uninstall an app, whether it is because you are new to iPhone and have not done it before. Or maybe you installed an app that you... Read More
Family learning how to set up Family Sharing

Posted 05.08.20

How to: Set up Family Sharing

Family Sharing is such a useful feature on Apple products - especially if you and your family members all own them. If you want to share the photo album from the latest family holiday, or... Read More
Find serial number of your Mac

Posted 17.07.20

How to: Find the serial number of your Mac

The serial number for your Mac is extremely important, it can let you know whether your device is still under warranty. Or if you want to sell or give away your Mac it is useful... Read More
Apple's 'Find My' phone app iCloud

Posted 13.07.20

How to: Use Apple’s ‘Find My’ phone with iCloud

If you’ve ever accidentally misplaced your iPhone, Apple’s ‘Find My’ phone tool is there to help you find it! If you’ve not used Apple’s Find My iCloud app before, don’t fret, we are going to…

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Man creating custom ringtone

Posted 09.07.20

How to: Create your own custom ringtone on iPhone

When you’re out with your friends and someones iPhone ring, does everyone get their phone out because of the same ringtone? Do you want to be different and have your own custom ringtone playing every... Read More

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