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Posted 12.07.23

World Emoji Day 2023 – How Will You Celebrate?

July 17th

We all use emojis in our everyday lives so why not get involved and celebrate the tenth annual Global Emoji Day.
Use #WorldEmojiDay on all socials to share how you got involved in the celebrations.

Emojis truly gained popularity when Apple added an official emoji keyboard to iOS in 2011. However, the first World Emoji Day wasn’t held till July 17th 2014. This date was chosen by the Emojipedia founder because it was already shown on the calendar emoji.

But why does the calendar emoji show this date? This is the day Apple premiered its iCal calendar application at the MacWorld conference in 2002. When Apple added the calendar emoji to the official emoji keyboard in 2012, it was decided to show the date as an Easter egg for the users. 

Want to get involved?

The World Emoji Awards are back for 2023, cast your vote for the Most Popular New Emoji, Most Anticipated Emoji, the Most 2023 Emoji and The Lifetime Achievement Award.

Last years winners: 

Most Popular New Emoji:🥹
Most Anticipated Emoji: 🩷
Most 2022 Emoji:🫠
Lifetime Achievement Award:❤️

All of the awards are calculated by Emojipedia, head over to their twitter page to vote for your favourite emojis of 2023. Winners will be announced over Twitter on July 17th 2023!
Visit https://worldemojiawards.com/ to learn more about the World Emoji Awards. 

Tweet your top 50 favourite emojis and watch twitter come alive with more emojis than ever seen before. Don’t forget to include #WorldEmojiDay in your tweet, so everyone else can follow along too!

Each year, you can let your Facebook friends know your plans to celebrate by joining the World Emoji Day event on Facebook. You can join an event from anywhere, with both online and local gatherings, so don’t forget to save the date to meet Emoji-lovers like you! 

Head over to https://worldemojiday.com/ to find out more ways to celebrate. 


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