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Employee Choice

Through our Employee Choice programme your business can empower your staff, letting them choose the best device for their role. Employers will typically assign each member of staff with a pre-defined budget, allowing employees to choose a device within their budget, or take the value of that device and put it towards a device of their choice – providing they pay the difference on any equipment worth more than the original value.

What are the benefits of choice?

• Employee-centric experience – Through a choice programme, employees can choose the best technology to suit their needs. This empowers employees, putting their needs first.

• Finance – We are working with Apple Financial Services to give organisations the ability to spread the cost of adopting new hardware. Get the technology you need with an experience that’s simple, flexible, and friendly.

• Streamlined provisioning – Devices can be deployed via a zero-touch workflow, meaning that your IT team won’t need to touch your tech in order to provision it.

Choosing a Platform

78% of millennial employees believe access to technology they like makes them more effective¹,
so ensuring that your employees are equipped with the right tools is key to success.

The power of Mac

Mac delivers power and versatility to your employees fingertips. With the incredible range of form factors including the MacBook Pro, MacBook Air and iMac, Mac can help empower your team, regardless of whether they are working from home, on the road, or in the office.

Why Mac?

Powerful performance - Apple's M1 chip gives your staff the speed, graphics, and battery life needed day-to-day².

Productivity - Leverage the power of Mac to create incredible content and resources on the go, with apps like Pages, Keynote and iMovie.

Creativity - With powerful built-in apps, and compatibility with industry leading software titles like Logic Pro X and Final Pro X, Mac can help your teams do more.

Accessibility - Using the built-in accessibility features, users can customise their experience, with options for vision, hearing, mobility, and more.

Easy to manage and deploy - IT departments can deploy Mac wirelessly, using a 'zero touch' approach; saving time, resource and money.

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The mobility of iPad

iPad offers your staff true mobility, without compromising on power. Its lightweight design, all-day battery life³, and incredible range of apps and tools make iPad the perfect business companion.

Why iPad?

Mobility meets productivity - At home, in the field, or at the office, iPad is the perfect tool for staff to take work, create and access content, and collaborate on the go.

Compatibility - iPad is compatible with the tools your rely on most, like Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace.

Creativity - With powerful built-in apps, ability to run leading apps like Adobe Photoshop, and compatibility with Apple Pencil, the iPad is a true creative powerhouse.

Accessibility - Using the built-in accessibility features, users can customise their experience, with options for vision, hearing, mobility, and more.

Easy to manage and deploy - IT departments can deploy iPad wirelessly, using a 'zero touch' approach; saving time, resource and money.

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The benefit of choice

People do their best work when they have access to the best tools. Recent studies actually reveal that employee choice increases levels of innovation, in addition to workplace and job satisfaction³ - and when given the choice, around 75% of people choose Apple⁵.

Why employee choice?

• 71% of employees say they are more productive when using the computer they select²

• If given the choice, 59% of enterprise employees would use a Mac⁴

• Your business enjoys a reduction in company hardware costs

• Your employees receive savings against high street prices

• The scheme is always kept up to date with the latest devices and offers

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Bringing Apple to your Business

Sync offer a range of services to help you bring Apple to your business.
We can work with you to support your management team, staff,
or technical team to ensure success.

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Our team of business specialists work with organisations across the UK to create tailored technology programmes, encompassing the financial, workflow and technical elements of each project.

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Online Procurement

With our organisation account, your company can obtain quotations and place orders for Apple products and accessories online - with access to exclusive business discounts across the entire Sync catalogue.

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Apple Financial Services

Apple Financial Services keeps your costs low by accounting for the high residual value of Apple devices up front.

Flexible upgrades give you complete control of your refresh cycle. And with clear and straightforward terms, the experience is simple and friendly.

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Apple Tools for IT and Deployment

Apple has built powerful tools for businesses that support IT in every step of the deployment process, helping you to streamline your iPad and Mac deployment - with tools like Federated Authentication.

Learn more about Apple Business Manager, Device Enrolment, and more...

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Deployment Methodology and Device Management

Jamf Pro is a powerful Mobile Device Management (MDM) system - giving you control over your Apple estate, including the ability to manage devices, deploy apps, and provide self service options.

Discover how Jamf Pro could help with your company's deployment workflow.

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Onsite and Remote Technical Support

It’s important to have someone to turn to should any technical challenges arise post-deployment. Our technicians can work onsite, or remotely to support your team.

Learn more about the different support mechanisms available to your team.

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Apple Technical Training and Certification

As an Apple Authorised Training Provider, we offer everything from Apple Certification courses, to bespoke sessions. Courses start from just £195 exVAT.

Learn more about our technical training today by checking out our full course list.

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1. Millenials at Work – PWC Survey Results –  https://www.pwc.com/co/es/publicaciones/assets/millennials-at-work.pdf
2. Battery life varies by use and configuration. See apple.com/uk/batteries for more information.
3 + 4. Jamf Survey: Employees Are More Productive and Happier When They Choose Their Work Device