Policy and Scope
This policy applies to all training carried out in the training room at Sync.

The purpose of this policy is to:
• Protect Sync’s staff and customers, by helping to reduce the risk of transmission of coronavirus
• Provide a firm structure for everyone to follow, which includes protective, preventative and reporting measures

Legislation and Guidance
Sync’s coronavirus policies and procedures are informed by and aligned to the following legislation and guidance:
• Working safely during coronavirus (Gov, 2020)
• Risk at Work – Personal protective equipment (HSE, 2020)

Staff Compliance
Sync have been providing employees with updates throughout the pandemic, and also ask that all employees keep abreast of the coronavirus situation as it develops / evolves. All employees must comply with the guidance provided by Sync and the Government (https://www.gov.uk/coronavirus).

This includes observing good personal hygiene, including:
• Washing your hands regularly, for a minimum of 20-seconds
• Use hand sanitising stations when necessary, these are located around the building and by major entry/exit points

Protection and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
Sync have made PPE available for all employees, as appropriate to the risks assessed for their role. Employees are given the option to wear PPE as appropriate.

Whilst in the training room however, all Sync trainers will be required to wear a face shield (supplied by Sync). All staff should alert Robin Kay or their manager immediately if they have any concerns or if any cleaning/safety supplies are running low.

Social Distancing
Sync have put a number of measures in place to assist with the enforcement of social distancing. Sync are asking it’s staff to:
• Observe social distancing rules at all times
• Please follow the one way system around the shop / ground floor, as indicated
• Only one person the be in the kitchen area at any one time
Only one person to be on the stairs at any one time
• No standing in communal areas or near peoples desks for longer than needed
• Limit the number of delegates in the training room as appropriate utilising a configuration that maximises distance between all parties. This may mean working to a distance of 1 meter with PPE (see Addendum)

Customer Management
Sync have introduced the following modifications / processes to Sync in order to better manage it’s customers, and keep it’s staff and customers safe:
• All training must be booked in advance, and delegate’s names must be submitted prior to
arrival (for record-keeping purposes)
• Delegates will be guided upstairs, and will be required to wait in the main area on the first floor, delegates will then be filtered in to the training room prior to commencement
• We are asking that all delegates wear a mask whilst in the training room and on the shop / ground floor at Sync. Delegates will not need to wear a face covering in the larger / communal upstairs area of where they are using the space to eat or drink
• Where a customer has a valid exemption, they will not be required to wear a mask on the premises
• No equipment should be shared between delegates, or with the trainer
• Only 4 customers are allowed on the shop / ground floor at any one time, customers are not permitted into areas off the shop floor
• Only one person is to be on the stairs at any one time
• A one-way system has been introduced on the ground floor, and a separate entrance is available to allow delegates to access the training room without having to enter the shop floor

Training Room Configuration
The training room should be configured to follow the guidelines provided as an addendum to this document. This includes:
• Capping the number of delegates to four (4)
• Ensuring that the main training table is pushed back as far as possible from the front of the classroom
• Staggering delegates to ensure that they are not facing each other
• Leaving ample room between each delegate by removing a seat either side of them
• Leaving the door open and the air conditioning on at all times to assist with airflow
• Ensuring that the hand sanitisation station is kept topped up, and available for use by staff and customers

Along with utilising an external cleaning provider, Sync are asking all staff to assist in keeping the premises clean. This includes:
• Ensuring that desks, computers, telephones and any other equipment in the area is cleaned and sanitised regularly
• Altering Robin Kay or your manager, immediately if you have any concerns or if any cleaning/safety supplies are running low

Whilst Sync and its employees are aware that coronavirus cases can be asymptomatic, Sync is asking employees to be on ‘high alert’, and not attend the premises (and may isolate as appropriate) should they:
• Feel unwell
• Display any symptoms related to coronavirus (such as a cough or fever)
• Think that they may be infected
• Think that they may have come in to contact with someone that is infected
• Discover that they have come in to contact with someone that has tested positive for coronavirus

Notification is a key part of contact tracing. Where an employee:
• Displays any symptoms related to coronavirus (such as a cough or fever)
• Thinks that they may be infected
• Thinks that they may have come in to contact with someone that is infected
• Discovers that they have come in to contact with someone that has tested positive for coronavirus

The employee will immediately isolate, and notify their line manager and HR (Robin Kay).

Sync may then utilise all employee records relating to customer visits, in order to proactively contact any and all customers to notify them of the risk.

Talk To Us About This Policy
If you would like to talk to us about this policy, or about training in general – please email us at training@wearesync.co.uk

Addendum – Training room configuration
The number of delegates attending training should be limited to four (4). Delegates should not switch places throughout the training.