empowerED Podcast

empowerED is an all-new podcast series showcasing how innovative ed tech solutions can transform
the traditional classroom into a dynamic and interactive learning environment.

Hear experts share real-life examples of successful ed-tech integration, empowering educators to leverage
technology to create engaging and personalised learning experiences.

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Episode 1

Bridging the Achievement Gap

George Barlow, Principal at Saint Bart’s Multi Academy Trust and Hannah Croskery from Showbie discuss how technology in combination with teaching and learning can provide equitable access to learning for students, no matter their background.

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Episode 2

The Classroom Connection

Sarah Bramley-Dymond, Head of Digital Learning at The Redmaids’ High School, and Richard Anderton, Digital Transformation Lead at The Arthur Terry Learning Partnership take us on a journey through the world of technology and its influence beyond the classroom. We explore how ed tech is transforming not only the way students learn, but also its profound impact on society.

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Episode 3

Striving for Technical Excellence

Simon Cleverley, Head of National Infrastructure at Oasis Community Learning (OCL) discusses the challenges and opportunities facing Multi Academy Trusts in the UK. OCL have deployed over 37,000 iPad across their family of schools in what is one of the largest rollouts in the UK. Alongside Craig Smith from Jamf – Apple mobile device management system – we explore the key factors that organisations should take into account when developing their digital strategy.

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Episode 4

Empowering Everyone:
Accessibility with iPad

Episode 4 focuses on the importance of accessibility in the classroom – more specifically, how New Bridge Multi Academy Trust have leveraged their 1:1 iPad deployment to provide equity to all learners within the Trust. Featuring Richard Bright from New Bridge and Sync’s very own Paul Tullock, this is a fantastic – personal – discussion about the impact of assistive technology.

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