iPad Keyboard Cases

Choose the right keyboard case for your iPad.

Magic Keyboard

From £279 | Check compatibility →

The all-new Magic Keyboard provides the best typing experience ever on iPad, along with a trackpad that opens up new ways to work with iPadOS, smooth angle adjustment, backlit keys, and front and back protection.

Smart Keyboard Folio

From £179 | Check compatibility →

The Smart Keyboard Folio makes your iPad even more versatile by providing a full-size keyboard when you need one. And convenient front and back protection when you don’t. No charging or pairing required.

Smart Keyboard

Only £159 | Check compatibility →

Discover the Smart Keyboard. Full-size keyboard. Full-screen protection. Type on a full-size keyboard when you need one. Or fold it to create a slim, lightweight cover for your iPad, iPad Air, or 10.5-inch iPad Pro.

Logitech Keyboards

From £90 | Check compatibility →

Explore Logitech’s range of iPad keyboard cases, featuring the Combo Touch, Slim Folio, and Rugged Folio. Enhance your productivity, and protect your device.

Zagg Keyboards

From £90 | Check compatibility →

Discover Zagg’s range of iPad keyboard cases, including the incredible Rugged Messenger, and Slim Book Go with detachable keyboard. Unlock new way of working.

Not sure which iPad you have?

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with this short guide. First, open ‘Settings’, and choose ‘General’. Now select ‘About’, and look through the list until you find the ‘Model Name’ in the left hand column. The model of iPad you’re using will be displayed on the right-hand side.

If you’re using an older iPad or can’t find your iPad model, check out Apple’s support article.