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Posted 20.03.19

AR apps – work hard, play hard

An interactive experience of real-world situations through AR apps is not just entertaining, it can also be educational.

AR apps are being increasingly used by adults and children not just at home, but at school and work. They can help to engage, educate and develop both the user and an audience.

Pokemon GO

Pokemon GO kick-started it all a few years ago by showcasing the immense capabilities of AR. The app had the entire world hooked on scouring the streets looking to fill their Pokedex. AR at its finest, simply using GPS.

It was a simple idea backed up with some pretty incredible tech, but it showed that AR can be utilised by the average consumer – and even a child can learn to do it!

Lego Playgrounds

Last year, the LEGO AR Playgrounds app launched. A free app, cleverly designed to draw people in and encourage them to buy AR compatible LEGO sets. Simply point your iPad or iPhone at your new compatible set and it comes to life. You can then battle Dragon Hunters and view the set come to life through animations and interactivity.

Allowing children to bring their imagination to life with tech sets a solid foundation for kids to use it for problem-solving. Tech is increasingly becoming a necessity and making it fun will help young people easily get to grips with it as a result.


Time for some adult LEGO! VR and AR apps for the Architectural sector now allow people to drop entire virtual skyscrapers into existence.

ARki, compatible for any iOS device, provides real-time 3D models with interactivity. It overlays the 3D model onto an existing floor plan, bringing design to life and taking presentations to the next level. The result is captured via video and images and can be shared via email or on social media.

AR apps and education

Teachers are also using AR apps to bring interactive and engaging experiences to the classroom. From 3D visual imagery of the Sun, Earth and Moon to an experience of flashcards around the world, children can explore and learn as they go.

As bigger players enter the AR world, we’ll see increasing popularity across educational, professional and entertainment purposes.

Content will become more targeted and innovative than ever, and this really only just the beginning.

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