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Posted 20.05.20

Mental Health Awareness Week: Our favourite mindfulness apps

There are many mindfulness apps on the App Store. As it is Mental Health Awareness week we are going to tell you our favourite apps which can run on any on any iOS device – ideally for your iPhone.

Especially as we are currently on lockdown it is necessary to give yourself a chance to bring calmness when you are feeling stressed and anxious.


As soon as you open the Calm app you’ll be introduced to gentle sounds. Instantly helping you on the path to relaxation.  There are a range of sounds from outdoors, rolling waves , pouring waves and even crickets!

Daily Calm sessions are also extremely useful, helping you unwind and refocus your attention.

A recent update on the app includes a new mood check-in feature, which allows you to reflect on how you are feeling each day. For just £28.99 per month (there is no monthly offer but it equates to under £2.50 a month), this is amazing value.

Price: Free one week trial, then £28.99 per year



Do you ever find yourself on your way to work wishing your were sat on a beach listening to waves crash? Or curled up next to a log fire in Switzerland?

Portal offers mindfulness with a difference. Instead of guided meditations, the app transports users around the world – helping you to chill out with some of the most relaxing sounds.

If you suffer from insomnia Portal is the perfect answer. From summer thunderstroms, to the rustle of palm tree leaves, this app will help you relax until you fall asleep.

Price: £3.99 to download


Stop, Breathe & Think

According to Cosmopolitan, the app has ‘stand out’ customisation tools that deliver meditations based on your current emotions and feelings.

A recent study saw a 22% decrease in users feeling anxious after just 10 short sessions. Stop, Breathe & Think is a great app to begin a new meditation practice.

Price: Free


We hope these apps will help focus on the importance of being mindful of what’s going on inside and outside of your body.

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Mental Health Helplines

If you’re concerned about yourself or a loved one, these helplines and support groups can offer expert advice.

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