Managing Your Business Devices

Introducing Apple devices across your business is the first step towards achieving true business technology greatness. From increasing productivity to greater flexibility, coordination and convenience, the benefits of using Apple devices company-wide are never ending. But that’s an awful lot of devices to keep track of. So how do you ensure your entire Apple estate is efficiently deployed and managed?

With a little help from your friends at Sync.

We have been helping small businesses and growing enterprises manage their Apple devices effectively for over 20 years. We’re experts on everything, from integrating new Apple tech estates with existing IT infrastructures, to ensuring all devices are properly managed and secure. In partnership with Apple management experts, Jamf, we help you identify and execute the best possible deployment workflow to suit your business needs.

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Device management

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Content & Assessment

Securing your data

Device Management

It takes more than just troubleshooting and system updates to make a truly comprehensive device management strategy. Our system includes all the basics, plus a range of essential extras. This includes the ability to wirelessly deploy device profiles, apps, policies, scripts and other key resources across your business departments. Our zero-touch deployment scheme allows your business to enrol, provision and manage your new Apple device estate without needing to open the boxes. This gives your employees the full new device experience without relinquishing control.

Content & Assessment

Powered by Jamf, our content management system allows you to effortlessly deploy and manage your entire Apple for Business device estate. Removing the hassle of unboxing and manually managing content on each and every device, this system gives you instant remote access to install apps and programmes across every iPad and phone in your estate. You can remotely manage printers, push out updates, manage and re-assign software licenses, manage and store payroll information and easily share and upload training material for all employees. All of this can be done from your very own content and asset management dashboard. This gives your IT department convenient and full control over all business device activity. What’s more, your business can choose to give all employees full access to all services across their devices or choose to lock down certain areas for junior staff, trainees and interns, ensuring all sensitive information is secure.

Securing your data

In today’s digital landscape, security and data compliance is more important than ever. With this is mind, the Sync device management system is designed to help you reduce data risk, safeguard your employees and protect your business data, all while remaining GDPR compliant. With the help of Jamf you can wirelessly manage and enforce essential security elements such as passwords, device encryption, settings compliance and much more.

In addition to these essential features, the Apple for Business team at Sync can provide all the essential training and support. This will help you make the most of your device management and security features. Simply contact the team today for a free consultation.

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