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Syncing Tech & Learning

Technology in education means empowerment. Technology enhanced learning provides endless choices and opens up countless doors for students and educators alike, while completely remodelling the classroom for the better. We believe that all schools and educational institutions should have the chance to integrate the best quality technology to their classrooms. Sync is here to provide dedicated, expert guidance and support during this exciting process.

We already work with thousands of schools across the UK. We are helping them to cost-effectively and seamlessly introduce Apple technology enhanced learning to their day-to-day teaching activities, or refocus an existing iPad education project for better results.

Breaking the process down into these three manageable steps, the Sync experts can help you deploy and manage the latest iPad devices in your own classrooms.

iPad management

Content management & assessment

Teacher confidence

iPad Management

What’s the secret to successful iPad education programme? The secret lies in continued control, device management and total visibility. The experts at Sync will help you instantly take control of all your iPad devices. This ensures you can manage everything wirelessly using your very own Mobile Device Management (MDM) system. It couldn’t be easier; our system ensures you can add all the latest classroom apps and tools, make important changes and update key settings all from one place.

Short on time? We hear you. Sync’s remote management system allows our experts to install apps and tweak settings for you,. This frees up the valuable time of your staff to focus on what they do best.

Content Management & Assessment

The next thing to explore is, how is content shared? Thinking back to a non-technical solution in a classroom, you would hand out a worksheet, a student would complete it and hand it back, you mark it and return it to the student. Can this transaction be carried out using your tech? Can you send content and resources to your student, so they can do their work, and can they send it back for assessment? Because in the end of the day, if we can’t assess student work, why are we asking them to do it? Why create a video report, or digital project if it can’t be submitted?

So if we don’t have the means for students to submit work, then the devices becomes purely about consumption. This is another major point, which needs to be addressed to build the perfect foundation.

We work with some of the most powerful assessment tool providers, some of which provide their services to schools for free.

Teacher Confidence

At Sync, we’re here to support the teachers as well as students. Our dedicated education team spends time in every school teaching all staff how best to utilise this technology to achieve amazing educational outcomes for students. We’ll share our top tips and tricks on everything from iPad curriculum delivery to the best apps to use, helping boost teacher confidence and make sure all staff feel right at home using Apple technology.

Contact our consultants today to find out more about our Technology Enhanced Learning programme.

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