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European Code Week

This Code Week, it’s easier than ever to teach and learn app design development using Swift Playgrounds on iPad and Mac. New Everyone Can Code Projects available in the Apple Education Community provide step-by-step educator resources to guide students in developing essential skills while creating apps that solve problems they care about. So there’s something for everyone at any stage of their coding journey.

Everyone Can Code Projects can be integrated into any subject area, and are perfect for coding club activities too. They introduce students to SwiftUI — the modern way to build user interfaces with surprisingly little code.

Equitable Learning

Bringing coding and digital
literacy to everyone

Developing Skills

Inspire the development of coding
and computational skills

Career Pathways

Developing new roads for
future careers

Everyone Can Code Projects

Step‑by‑step tutorials guide students to design app prototypes in Keynote and learn app‑building skills with Swift Playgrounds on iPad or Mac.
These four projects help educators guide their students to design and build their first apps, while building essential
skills like creativity, collaboration and problem-solving.

Design a Simple App

Use Keynote to design a simple app meant to make your day – or someone else’s – better.

  • Tutorial 1: Brainstorm and Plan – Prepare and sketch designs for a simple app.
  • Tutorial 2: Keynote Prototype – In keynote, create a prototype of your app.
  • Tutorial 3: Evaluate – Have others test your app and observe how they interact with it. Take note of when they show signs of joy or misunderstanding.
  • Tutorial 4: Promote Your App – Create an app product page to give potential users information before they download your app. Investigate what information to include, they make an app product page of your own.

See the full Project

Build with Stacks and Shapes

Learn SwiftUI fundamentals, like stacks, shapes and modifiers, to code a self portrait.

  • Tutorial 1: Laying out Views – Learn how to control the sizing and placement of shapes in Swift Playgrounds.
  • Tutorial 2: Set Up an App Playground – Get, remake and prepare a blank app playground.
  • Tutorial 3: Compose with Stacks and Shapes – Code a self portrait using stacks, shapes and modifiers.

See the full project

Design an App Icon

Use Keynote to design a unique and memorable app icon, then size it correctly to upload to an app playground in Swift Playgrounds.

  • Tutorial 1: Brainstorm and Plan – Prepare and sketch designs for an app icon.
  • Tutorial 2: Design Your App Icon – Use Keynote to create an app icon for your project.
  • Tutorial 3: Resize Your Icon – Create a new presentation to resize your image.
  • Tutorial 4: Export and Save – Export your icon as an image and save ut to your device.
  • Tutorial 5: Upload Your Icon to Swift Playgrounds – Add your custom app icon to one of your app playgrounds in Swift Playgrounds.

See the full project

Build Custom Shapes

Design a custom shape in Keynote and code it in SwiftUI. Then use it as a clip shape in About Me.

  • Tutorial 1: About Me – Learn about the code in the Home tab, then edit the code to make it your own.
  • Tutorial 2: Plan Your Clip Shape – Design a shape in Keynote and calculate the coordinates.
  • Tutorial 3: Code Your Shape – Create a new file in About Me and give it a name. The code your shape in SwiftUI.
  • Tutorial 4: Use Your Shape – Use your clip shape in the Hone tab of About Me.

See the full project

Celebrate Code Week with Today at Apple

Get involved in Code Week with a hands-on coding session at your local Apple Store.
In these workshops, students aged 10 and over can get started in code with
Swift Playgrounds, and even design their first app!

Code your First App

Code and create as a family with Swift Playgrounds using iPad. Kids will experiment with code and design an app using the About Me playground. They’ll use Swift code to customise their app with fun fonts, background colours, Memoji and more. Then you’ll work together to bring their app to life. Recommended for kids aged 10 and up. Devices will be provided.

Book now

Learn to Code with Swift

Swift is a powerful programming language created by Apple that’s used to build many popular apps. And Swift Playgrounds is an app for iPad that makes learning how to code interactive and fun. In this 60- minute session, we’ll show you how to get started with coding using the Swift Playgrounds app. Bring your iPad or we’ll provide one. Recommended for beginner coders aged 12 and up.

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How can Sync support your school?

Whether you’re looking to deploy a new iPad for the first time, bringing in a class set, renewing your devices, or moving to a one-device-per-student model, we’ve got you covered.
We work with schools across the UK to support with the adoption and ongoing management of Apple devices, including the financial, curriculum, and technical elements.

Assessment with iPad

As an Apple Authorised Education Specialist, Showbie Platinum Partner, ScholarPack Partner, and Google Education Partner, Sync are perfectly placed to consult with your school, and provide hands-on support with the digitisation of your assessment workflows.

Discover more about Assessment with iPad today.

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Accessibility with Apple

Our dedicated education team work with schools nationally, in order to create customised and accessible technology solutions, allowing all students have full access to the curriculum.

Learn more about the full range of accessibility options on Apple devices.

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Sync Inspire

Sync Inspire is a fantastic opportunity for schools looking to enhance the use of technology in lessons. Up skill your staff while reducing workload and allowing students to explore learning in ways that suit them.

Learn how Sync Inspire can benefit your institution.

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Apple Learning Institute

Apple Learning Institute consists of two full-day sessions exploring how to effectively utilise Apple technology in the classroom and across your institution.

We have courses available all throughout the year. Book now.

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iPad in Trusts

As an Apple Authorised Education Specialist, Sync are perfectly placed to support your Trust through its migration to a 1:1 model.

Whether you are looking to support or enhance teaching and learning, provide new learning opportunities for students, or provide equitable access to learning, our Trust iPad Programme is for you.

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Apple in Education

Apple creates products designed to inspire the minds of teachers and students.

With Apple hardware and software in the hands of students, the work they need to do becomes the work they love to do.

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