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Posted 05.11.20

Bonfire Night: Bring the fireworks to your iPhone

Is there a better sight than seeing the sky lit with beautiful colours from fireworks? Unfortunately for a lot of us, this year we won’t be able to experience a proper British bonfire! TECHNOLOGY TO THE RESCUE. We have been spending our time finding the best Bonfire related apps available for your iPhone.

So where shall we begin..

Fireworks Studio

Regardless of your previous fireworks experience, Fireworks Studio lets you create your own display from your own home.

There are fountains, rockets and various candle shapes available allowing you to create the most spectacular display in a virtual environment.

Link: https://apps.apple.com/gb/app/fireworks-studio/id1460842058

Infant Firework touch Game for Toddler and Kids

Something a little safer than sparklers for your little ones. With Infant Firework touch Game for Toddlers and Kids we are thinking of them.

Simply tap the screen with your finger – that’s it. After doing this the most brightest and colourful firework displays will begin. You can change the setting for the firework display, from a beach, night sky or a landscape of a busy city!

Link: https://apps.apple.com/gb/app/infant-firework-touch-game-for-toddler-and-kids-qcat-free/id904567175

Fireplace Live HD

Maybe the whole firework thing isn’t for you and you would normally enjoy standing by the bonfire and watching the flames grow bigger. If this sounds more like your ideal Bonfire night, Fireplace Live HD is for you. We can’t promise the room your in getting any warmer though!

Turn your iPhone into a fireplace, we found this extremely relaxing compared to the loud bangs and screams of fireworks. (Although we encourage playing a little Katy Perry in the background) 

Link: https://apps.apple.com/gb/app/fireplace-live-hd/id469329213

Those are our 3 favourite apps for Bonfire Night, we hope you enjoy them and from everyone at Sync we wish you a safe and happy rest of the day.

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