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Posted 28.02.19

How to speed up a Mac with a disk tidy

It’s extremely noticeable when your Mac starts to get too full. Processes take microseconds longer but when you’re used to uber-fast response times, it feels like a lifetime. Lucky for you, it can be quickly fixed with a disk tidy!

Here are a few ways you can free up disk space without giving up any essential files.

Take on your backups

If you regularly backup your iPhone on your Mac, including your iTunes library, you’re likely storing hundreds of gigabytes at a time. Deleting some older backups will clear up plenty of space.

Head to iTunes > Preferences > Devices. You can see your iPhone backup history there and delete any you no longer need.

Get rid of duplicates

We’re all guilty of just re-downloading a file when we can’t be bothered to find it stored. But do you really need four copies of the same meme!? Have a search through your documents for file names (1), (2) and so on, deleting as you go – simply head to Finder and type your search term in. You’ll be surprised at how many duplicates are in there!

Delete unnecessary default files

Unless you’re really committed to learning Bulgarian or Vietnamese, it’s pretty unlikely that your Mac will ever need to be in anything but your first language.

Language files hold an entire vocabulary and clearing them out will take back hundreds of megabytes of memory.

Delete applications you don’t use

If you switched from Deezer to Apple Music like the rest of the world, you probably don’t need the application any more. Ask yourself if you actually use it, and be as harsh as possible. You won’t find yourself missing them once they’re gone.

Empty your trash

Once you’ve gone through a mass deletion, don’t forget to empty your trash. Regularly making sure your trash is empty means that you’re not unknowingly hoarding files.

Simply click on the trash can icon and click ‘empty’. Simple.

Still slow after a disk tidy?

If your Mac still isn’t offering optimal performance after a disk tidy, it could be a sign of a larger issue. Bring it into store for a health check. As an Apple Authorised Service Provider, our team of Apple experts can tell you if there’s a problem. Click here to book your Mac in.

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