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Posted 19.06.20

How to: Change your start up apps on Mac

Is your Mac opening an app every time you log in and distracting you? Starting slower than you’ve become accustomed to? The reason behind this could be various start up apps that are attempting to load up at the same time.

While some programs are definitely needed, there may be some you’d like to remove. If you are wondering how to remove apps from automatically starting up, you’re in the right place.

Lets get started

  • Open Systems Preference and select Users & Groups
  • Click the Login Items tab (you’ll be greeted by a list of apps that open every time you log in)
  • There is a checkbox for you to check which apps are loading in

Not all apps will follow these instructions and will continue to start up. In this case, you can select the app and click the minus sign to completely remove the option.

What if I want a program to open on start up?

Similar to removing the app from starting up, simply follow the steps below:

  • Open System Preferences and select Users and Groups
  • Click the Login Items tab
  • Press the plus sign (+) and you will then be able to manually add an application

It’s that simple. You now have complete control of what start up apps will begin as soon as you log in to your Mac.

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