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Posted 07.08.20

How to: Uninstall an app on iPhone

So you are here to find out how to uninstall an app, whether it is because you are new to iPhone and have not done it before. Or maybe you installed an app that you don’t use anymore? We all have them apps we just haven’t got round to uninstalling or maybe you just aren’t sure how to uninstall the app it..

We are going to show you exactly how to delete an app on iPhone

  • Touch and hold the app
  • Tap the Delete app
  • Tap Delete again

You can also customise the home screen and put your favourite apps on the same page. To do this follow this step..

  • Touch and hold the app
  • Tap Edit Home Screen
  • Move the apps around, (to change the screen position of the app, hold the app to the side of the screen and it will switch to the following page)
  • You can also delete the app after doing this

If you are paying an in-app subscription deleting the app will not unsubscribe you from this and payment will still be taken. So be sure to follow these steps on the app before deleting it.

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