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Posted 08.09.23

3 Reasons Your Business Needs Adobe

Adobe products have been a mainstay in the design space since its inception. Applications such as Photoshop and Premiere Pro have become household names, even for those who have never utilised the software before. Adobe products have become a necessity for businesses of all shapes and sizes, not just those in the creative industry.

We’ve broken down the benefits of Adobe in Business into three key sectors:

  • Collaboration
  • Compatibility
  • Creativity

We think businesses should take all three into account when considering integrating Adobe into their workflows.


A 2023 study found that 75% of employees rate teamwork and collaboration as necessary to their role, while over 50% say they rely on collaboration in their day-to-day workflows. Whether you work remotely, in the office, or on a hybrid basis, the way in which you connect and communicate with your colleagues affects the output and productivity of your team.

The entire Adobe suite allows for easy file sharing processes between team members, as well as streamlined methods of sharing and reviewing feedback. The result? Streamlined processes that might otherwise have exacerbated the time spent on a task.

This doesn’t just apply to businesses in creative industries. Automatic syncing on Adobe Creative Cloud means there’s no need for multiple versions of the same file. Businesses can save time and resources with simplified processes thanks to Adobe.


Different businesses work with different devices. Everyone has their own way of working and preferred software. When choosing products to use within their workflows, companies must consider what will work best for not only their company standards, but their employees as individuals.

It is also not uncommon for different departments within a business to use different devices. A lot of companies now utilise an employee choice model within their offices, meaning that staff often work with the device they feel most comfortable using. This can pose an extra challenge for IT teams looking to integrate new software across a multitude of devices.

Adobe Creative Cloud is compatible across a wide range of hardware, making it easy for your team to work from any device, from any place, all while sharing files across the Adobe Cloud.


Over 90% of the world’s creative professionals use Adobe Photoshop. From the wide range of programmes available, to compatibility with hardware of all shapes and sizes, it’s difficult to find another software programme that provides as comprehensive a package as Adobe for creative departments

As mentioned earlier, Adobe products do not only benefit those with a creative spark. More than 8 billion electronic and digital signature transactions were processed through Adobe Document Cloud in the past year. From Adobe Acrobat to Acrobat Sign, everyone can make use of the extensive Adobe catalogue – even those lacking a single artistic bone in their body.

It is also important to spotlight the sustainability implications of these day-to-day processes. Every document shared using Adobe Acrobat and signed via Acrobat Sign is an instance where printing has been avoided. As well as providing cost saving benefits, the positive impact on an environmental level is clear, and with sustainability being a huge driving force in business and education in recent years, this is something that all companies should consider when consolidating their internal processes.

Is Adobe Right for Your Business?

Adobe is a creative powerhouse, and the perfect tool for business. We hope that this quick overview of the benefits of adopting Adobe can provide a helpful guideline for those considering integrating the Adobe suite into their business. For more information about how Adobe can empower your staff, get in touch today.

Already use Adobe, and want to know how to get the most out of the software you use? Check out our Scale Up with Adobe event, taking place on Thursday 14th September.

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