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Posted 04.08.20

Apple in Business Webinar Series

We’re pleased to be hosting an Apple in Business webinar series across August and September 2020, focussing on the use of technology in Business. This series of skills-based webinars has been designed to help business address the challenges posed by the pandemic.

Challenges for businesses in 2021

Some of the key themes and challenges that we’re looking to address in this ‘Apple in Business webinar series’ include:

  • adapting workflows for long-term remote working
  • demonstrating new ways to collaborate
  • overcoming the limitations on sharing resources

Developing a Work From Home Strategy

Promoting flexible and remote working patterns has been a key enabler for many business through the pandemic, with many looking to rely on this through the mid / long term.


Furthermore, several large enterprises, including Google and Microsoft have also announce long term ‘remote working’ / ‘work from home’ strategies mapping throughout 2021.

Small and Medium Sized Businesses (SMB)

In terms of the SMB market, it would appear that this trend is also mirrored. There is of a plethora of informal surveys and anecdotal evidence circulating on business networking platforms (such as LinkedIN), suggesting many small and medium businesses will be adopting long term remote working strategies – often involving a flexible or phased return for workers.

If, like many other businesses, you are looking to adopt a long-term remote working strategy, and find new ways for employees to collaborate, check out our Apple in Business webinar recordings below, which ran through August and September 2020.

18.08.20 – Work between iPad and Mac 👩‍💻 – Recording

20.08.20 – Build beautiful spreadsheets on iPad and Mac 📊 – Recording


25.08.20 – Perfect your sales pitch, with iPad and Mac 📄 – Recording

27.08.20 – Scan documents… on the go 🌆 – Recording


01.09.20 – Draw on your Mac, with iPad ✍️ – Recording

03.09.20 – Edit video with Mac + Final Cut Pro for Mac 🎬 – Recording

08.09.20 – Siri. Your new PA 💬 – Recording

10.09.20 – Up your presentation game, with iPad and Mac 💁 – Recording

15.09.20 – Taking better notes… with Notes for iPad 📝 – Recording

17.09.20 – Introducing mobility in to your business 🏡 – Recording

22.09.20 – Unify contact with Mac, iPad, iPhone and Watch 📥 – Recording

24.09.20 –  Introduce automation in to your day 🤖 – Recording

About the presenter

All of the Apple in Business webinar sessions in this series are presented by Ricky Brown. Ricky is a seasoned trainer, focussing on developing and remapping workflows. Ricky is also a certified Apple Professional Learning Specialist (APLS).

Want to see more?

You can also get in touch and arrange a 1:1 session with our business consultants, to explore how technology could be used to support your business.

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