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Whether your institution is starting to explore how technology can support teaching and learning – or your teaches are seasoned pros – we’ve got you covered. We understand the pressures that schools face when choosing and adopting tech, making it work reliably, and ensuring that it enhances teaching and learning practices, and can support you in your journey.

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We work with schools to help ensure that things like network and wifi are up to scratch and reliable.

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Financial Sustainability

We can help to make sure that your deployment is financially viable and sustainable.

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Measurement is key when adopting new practices. That’s why we support schools with measurement and assessment.



In order to ensure that your school gets the very best experience with your technology deployment, we will work with you to prepare your existing tech for the new deployment – making changes to your wifi, network, and other technologies in advance of your deployment.

We work against a Plan – Do – Check – Act methodology, to give you total piece of mind.

Financial Sustainability

It’s essential that any technology deployment is financial sustainable. This goes above and beyond device costs, to include things like wifi, management, and CPD – whilst also factoring in savings from things like printing costs.

Our experts can help you explore the options, including leasing, subscription, and parental contribution, to make sure you get the right solution.



When you’re thinking of deploying new tech, it’s important to ask ‘why?’. What challenges are you looking to address? And what are your desired outcomes? Having an established ‘why’ is key to change.

Need inspiration for your ‘why’? Speak to our other schools, and find out why they adopted Apple technology – and what outcomes have been achieved.

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