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Whether your institution is starting to explore how technology can support teaching and learning – or your teaches are seasoned pros – we’ve got you covered. We understand the pressures that schools face when choosing and adopting tech, making it work reliably, and ensuring that it enhances teaching and learning practices, and can support you in your journey.

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Maximise your teaching time
by making classroom efficiencies.
The latest tech and tools can help
you stay focussed on what matters.

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Digitising assessment can help
you save time, reduce stress, and
remove the risk of lost workbooks books!

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Professional Development

From our teachers to yours. Our
experienced educators can work with you and your
students to deliver in-class CPD.


Maximising teaching time is at the top of most teachers agenda. We work with schools to deploy technology that can help reduce admin, and maximise teaching time. This could be, for example, cutting out ‘photocopying’ time, by distributing worksheets digitally… or using Apple Classroom app to help guide students to the right places and resources.

If you’re looking to create efficiencies in your school, speak to our education consultants today.

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Digitising assessment is becoming a well established practice amongst UK Schools. Digitisation not only saves time, and reduces administration – it also enables new ways to provide student feedback, such as audio-notes. Recent studies have shown that providing audio-notes as feedback can greatly impact the way students respond to, and engage with the feedback provided.

If you want to learn more about how digitising assessment can support teaching and learning at your school, speak to our Education Consultants today.

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Professional Development

If you’re looking to maximise the impact of technology in your school, professional development is key. We work with schools across the UK to provide in-class CPD, utilising a coaching and mentoring methodology. This means there is no requirement for cover, or for teachers to be out of the classroom.

With annual updates, and the regular introduction of new teaching tools, CPD is essential for everyone, whether you’re new to teaching with tech, or a seasoned pro.

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