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Posted 12.08.19

Back to school! The six best educational apps for Key Stage 2 kids

As many parents know, kids LOVE tech, and – if your iPhone or iPad mysteriously goes missing, chances are it will be in the sticky mitts of your children…

But as well as watching endless Kids YouTube clips of other children unboxing toys, completing crazy challenges or checking out cute baby animals, there are hundreds of super educational apps out there that will help your Key Stage 2 child get ahead at school, help with their homework or brush up on some super science or spelling skills that will get them back on track in the classroom.

Here are our six favourite educational apps for kids, that are all available on iOS.

1. Hopscotch, free

Hopscotch is an award-winning coding app for kids, in which users can create their own games that can then be published for other children to play.

Although it’s aimed at children aged 9 plus, younger kids will love it too, due to its free, non-prescriptive and creative nature.

The app has been downloaded over 12 million times, and – as coding is the future – it’s a must for little brains. And it’s completely free!

2. Spelling Shed, £2.99

There are lots of spelling apps out there, but Spelling Shed is one of our favourites. As the strap-line says, its spelling made awesome!

Spelling Shed is actually used in schools, and it contains easy, medium or hard levels for children of varying ages and abilities. It is colourful and easy to use, and features over 2,000 words and even has a dyslexia-friendly font.

3. The Human Body by Tinybop, £3.99

The wonders of the human body can be explored by little minds with this totally awesome app. Kids can learn about anatomy and biology with an interactive model of the amazing human body. It even features detailed models of organs such as the brain, heart and eyes, allowing users to learn new vocabulary and discover more about how their bodies work.

This super-popular platform has actually reached the number one spot on the App Store’s education charts in 144 countries!

4. Marvel Hero Tales, free

This incredible new app might sound like a fun game, but it is mapped to the Key Stage 2 curriculum to help children with their reading skills and vocabulary development.

The app encourages kids to develop scripts and stories for Marvel characters such as Spider-Man, which then create visual and animated sequences. It essentially lets kids into the driving seat of the story, which they control through the power of language.

The aim is for kids to develop storytelling skills around exciting content that sparks and fuels their imaginations. It’s also free but does contain in-app purchases that can be disabled by parents.

5. DoodleMaths, free

The UK’s best selling maths app for kids, this brilliant programme supports maths learning at home and in schools, too. It builds the maths confidence of your kids by identifying weaker areas in learning, adapting its programme where possible. Clever, huh?

Fully curriculum-aligned, DoodleMaths is the perfect homework partner and will help kids catch up or even get ahead in maths.

6. DuoLingo, free

This incredible language-learning app can be used for all ages, but why not get ahead of the game and get your kids learning basic French, Spanish and German (and many more languages, including Welsh, Russian and Japanese!) before they start high school? This lighthearted app feels like a game, but it’s super clever, and even personalises lessons just for you.

Users can practice reading, writing, speaking and conversation skills, track progress easily and earn rewards. Wunderbar!

Get your kids off to a good start with the latest tech at their fingertips! Shop iPad now for a device that suits their needs.

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