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Posted 02.09.20

Get in Sync with the amazing Reminders app

Do you keep forgetting to pick up milk on your way home from work? Or maybe you have arranged a meal with your friends and don’t want to forget. Whatever the case is we are here to explain why the Reminders app is everything you need!

Helping you to complete all the small (and maybe important) tasks you continuously forget to complete!

What is Reminders app

The helpfulness of the app is in the name of the app essentially! A beautifully designed interface a continuation of iOS – allowing you to create reminders which will notify you whatever the reasoning.

There are many different reasons we love this amazing app from shopping lists, phoning a colleague back whilst busy in work or medical appointments. The amazing feature is you can subcategories your reminders allowing you to easily find and add to your list(s).

You can also tag people in a reminder, the next time you have a conversation in Messages a reminder will appear. We have all them friends that we constantly get lost in time and end up speaking about something constantly random.

Also with iCloud you can keep all reminders stored on the cloud, meaning if you placed a reminder on your work MacBook Pro and left it in work. As long as the Cloud account is linked to your iPhone you will be prompted with a reminder.

How to download

Download Reminders from the link: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/reminders/id1108187841

The app is extremely helpful and we hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

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