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Posted 12.05.20

How to: Print Screen on your Mac

Does you workload require taking several screenshots daily? Then you’ll probably be happy to here to we are going to show you a whole load of ways to capture your screen on Mac (including how to capture the screen of your MacBook Pro’s Touch Bar!)

Screenshot app

Did you know that Apple have introduced a fully functioning screenshot app in to macOS? You can use this to capture your full screen, a specific windows, or a selected part of a screen… and you can even have it record video and set a timer to start capture.

To open the ‘Screenshot’ app, simply head to Applications > Utilities > Screenshot

You can also change where your screenshots are saved by default, very useful indeed!

Add a Screenshot shortcut to your Mac’s Touch Bar

For anyone that takes screenshots regularly, this is a must! Essentially, you can add a screenshot icon on to your Mac’s Touch Bar, allowing you to start capturing at the tap of your bar…

To enable this, head to System Preferences > Extensions > Touch Bar > Customise Control Strip…

Then just drag and drop the Screenshot icon on to your Mac’s Touch Bar… it’s as simple as that, you can perform a print screen on Mac at the tap of your Touch Bar!

Keyboard shortcut 1: Capture your entire screen

Do you need to capture the entire screen to show the latest project you are working on? Or do you simply need to show a friend something you caught in your most recent YouTube binge watch?

Regardless of the reason we know exactly how to help, simply press command + shift + 3. After pressing this you shall hear the camera flash sound.

Keyboard shortcut 2: Capture a portion of your screen

This shortcut is useful is you need help with working out a problem, you can highlight the issue avoiding explaining exactly where to look.

Simply press shift + command + 4. Your cursor will turn into a crosshair, click and drag the area you wish to cover and release the cursor. It really is that simple!

Keyboard shortcut 3: Capture your screen through a panel

This third shortcut command is relatively new being introduced in MacOS Mojave, this combination calls up a small panel at the bottom of your display with your screen capture options.

Simply press ‘command + shift + 5’ and a panel shall appear with the rest of your display greyed out. Select the area you’d like to screenshot before pressing capture.

Keyboard shortcut 4: Capture your Touch Bar on MacBook

If you’ve got a MacBook which features the sleek Touch Bar design, did you know yo can take a screenshot of what is currently showing on your Touch Bar?

Simply hit ‘Command + Shift + 6’ and a wide and skinny screenshot of your Touch Bar will be taken.

You now know how to print screen on Mac, even showing you a hidden feature for your Touch Bar.

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