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Posted 22.02.19

What is the future of wireless accessories?

Wires can be a pain, from the ultimate challenge of untangling headphones, to the seemingly endless chaos tucked out of sight behind your TV. It’s no wonder that wireless accessories have been growing in popularity, and advancements in technology allow them to be just as good as wired products. 

Let’s take a look at some of the best bits of wireless tech on offer:


One of the most popular wireless accessories on the planet right now is the AirPods.

While a recent rise in popularity is in part due to certain memes, the sound and design quality is undeniable.

Perfectly shaped to fit your ear, AirPods are designed to work as seamlessly as wired earphones. You can carry them in a small charging case and when removed, they switch on and connect to your iPhone immediately.

The battery life is impressive, giving you five hours of listening time on just one full charge. Your charging case can hold a full day of power and with a 15 minute charge offering three hours of listening time, so you can power up on the go.

They also work in sync with your behaviours. If you take them out while playing music or video on your device, the AirPods will automatically pause. It means you don’t have to follow a wire into your pocket to hit that pause button!

You can see the specs and buy AirPods here.

Price – £159


OK Google, step aside.

If your preferred brand for computers, phones and even watches is Apple, the HomePod is a must-have.

Not only can the HomePod play more than 45 million songs in immense quality, it learns your music tastes based on what you play.

While Siri will beatbox on command, it’s also super-smart. It can play the number one song from 9th September 1994 (WetWetWet – Love is all Around) and tell you more about the artist.

Let’s say you’re cooking or washing up and you can’t get to your phone, the HomePod can read out your messages and answer it for you.

You can also use the HomePod as your HomeKit hub, locking the doors and controlling the lights from the comfort of your sofa.

See the specs and buy the HomePod here.

Price – £319

Wireless Accessories for Mac

If you’re going for minimalist vibes when it comes to your workspace, we’ve got some wireless accessories for your basket.

For starters, the Magic Trackpad 2 is perfect for users who like to alternate between the Mac and MacBook.

It has an edge to edge glass surface area which is 30 percent larger than the previous model. The four force sensors allow you to click anywhere, allowing you to access content easily.

The in-built battery also lasts around a month, so you won’t have to worry about making sure you’re recharging at the end of every day.

You can pick up the Magic Trackpad 2 here for £129.

If you’re not a fan of the trackpad, the Magic Mouse 2 is ideal for your setup – unlike the previous model, it’s rechargeable so you won’t have to remember to stock up on batteries.

Like all Apple products, the design is optimised for comfortable use and will look great on your desk.

You can pick up the Magic Mouse 2 here for £79.

If you’re going wireless with your mouse, you need the wireless keyboard to complete the set! The Magic Keyboard features a stable scissor mechanism beneath each key. This will put an end to the feel of clunky keys and allow smoother and quieter typing.

Like the mouse and trackpad, it’s rechargeable and lasts up to a month between charges.

You can pick up the Magic Keyboard from Sync here for £99.

Want to check out the full range of wireless accessories available at Sync? Click here to browse now!

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