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Posted 04.11.20

Empowering Business with Mac – boohoo Case Study

‘Mac increases employee satisfaction and reduces our total IT costs’Graham Chaisty, IT Manager at boohoo.

boohoo is a UK based, online fashion retailer that specialises in own branded clothing. The company was founded in 2006 and has offices in Manchester city centre. As boohoo began working with Sync in 2020, we asked boohoo’s IT Manager, Graham Chaisty, about his experience with Mac…

Why Mac?

Graham told us that boohoo choose Mac for a number of reasons, including:
• The low total cost of ownership.
• It’s compatibility with existing tools.
• The incredible security built-in to macOS.
• The ease of technical management, using Apple Business Manager and Mobile Device Management (MDM).

What is the impact of Mac?

Mac is now the platform of choice for boohoo’s designers and videographers. Graham explained how Mac significantly supports boohoo’s creatives, increasing productivity by between 20 and 30%. Mac provides users with new, and more flexible workflows, reducing time spend per project.

Why Sync?

“Sync provides a best-in-class Apple consultancy and support service to our business” said Graham. This is down to three elements: tech services, certifications, and range of products. As an Apple Authorised Reseller and Apple Authorised Service Provider, Sync supply, support, and repair Apple devices – whilst also consulting on other business-critical systems, like Jamf.

Employee Satisfaction

Ensuring that your employees are engaged and satisfied is essential. boohoo told us that deploying Mac enhances employee satisfaction.

Since adopting Mac, boohoo’s employees have been able to streamline workflows and reduce total workloads, resulting in enhanced employee satisfaction – and it’s not just boohoo that recognised this benefit. In November 2020, Sync surveyed businesses from across the UK and discovered that 73% of UK businesses that adopt Mac have realised an increase in employee satisfaction.

Secure Technology

boohoo extolled the virtues of Mac security, and the built-in security features, including FileVault and XProtect.

With so many built-in tools, and the benefits of having a unified hardware and software manufacturer, Mac has a reputation for being secure. Above and beyond the built-in tools however, boohoo also explained how Apple’s technical environment enhances security – with MDM and Device Enrolment giving you the ability to wirelessly manage and secure Mac.

Technical Management

Using Apple Business Manager and Mobile Device Management, boohoo’s technical team manage their Mac estate with ease.

Using a zero-touch deployment workflow, boohoo are able to provision new devices without even having to open the box. Their technical environment also allows them to monitor device settings and provide patch updates when required, helping them keep their Mac management process seamless. With these systems in place, the IT team have been able reduce total IT costs, and free up time to focus on other projects.

Working with Sync

For more information about how Mac can enhance your business, visit our website. We’ve been helping businesses thrive for over 30 years, unlocking their potential through the power of technology. Get the most out of your tech with Sync.

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