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Posted 05.08.19

How To Make the Perfect Summer Playlist

Are you looking to impress at your next barbeque or visit to the seaside this summer? Playing the DJ can feel like a pretty big responsibility and there’s a lot to consider. Parties are meant to be fun, so don’t feel burdened by this newfound power. We want you to have your best summer yet, so here are our tips for creating a great playlist. 

Know your audience

As much as you may enjoy belting out a rendition of Dancing Queen in the car, that might not be for everyone. When creating a good playlist, it’s important to keep everyone’s taste in music in mind. Even if they’re different genres, you can choose enough of each to appease everyone in your group.

Know one of your mates is especially keen on listening to Shawn Mendes this summer, but you’re unfamiliar with his work? Start by looking him up on Apple Music. Most big artists have “essentials” playlists curated by Apple, based on listening habits of Apple Music users. Choosing a few songs off that list will be sure to be a pleaser.

Make a playlist that lasts

The length of your playlist should be dependant on the occasion it’s for. You don’t want people listening to the same song three times and getting bored. Let’s say you’re hosting a four-hour party, which is around 80 songs. Round it up to a hundred, so you’re allowing a little leeway if your party runs longer or there’s a notorious song skipper attending.

If you scroll down to the bottom of your list on Apple Music, the app will tell you how many songs there are, and how long it will run for. So there’s no need for guessing games!

Pay attention to The A-List

If you’re trying to expand your music knowledge and want to impress everyone with your vast eclectic taste in music, get your picks from Apple’s best. The A-List is a series of genre-based playlists curated by Apple Music based on what’s hottest in that genre on both sides of the Atlantic that week. The A-List is updated regularly so adding your favourite songs to your own playlist will be a game-changer.

Whether you’re looking for Israeli pop music or the latest in R&B, The A-List will be a great starting point to build your playlist arsenal off of.

Have the right sound system

The perfect playlist needs the be heard the right way. Use a speaker with an amazing sound like the HomePod. The speaker senses its location and gives you great sound anywhere in the room. Plus it has Siri for easy control of your music.

HomePod was built to bring out the best of Apple Music and learns what you like based off of what you play which will prepare you for your next big playlist! You have over 50 million songs to choose from, so get creating!

Share your hard work with your friends

At the end of the night when everyone is impressed with your playlist and wants to hear it again, you can easily share it with them. Whether through AirDrop, iMessage, Instagram or even email, they’ll be happy knowing they now have access to the perfect playlist. After all, music is meant to be shared.

Don’t skimp on the party budget this summer to pay for your new HomePod. Buy your new device and pay later with our interest-free finance options!

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