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Reduction in the risk of a data breach per deployed Mac.¹

Apple Adoption in the workplace can help to inspire creativity and innovation for you and your employees. An organisation that has seen great success through Apple Mac deployment into their offices is Flowtech.  In this article, we will explore the ways Flowtech’s design team utilise the suite of software that only Apple machinery has to offer. Flowtech have been powering organisations around the UK for over 29 years. The company stocks and sources a range of hydraulic, pneumatic and industrial products within the UK and Ireland.  Sync spoke to Creative Services Manager, Karen Tucker about her relationship with Sync and how working with Apple products has helped transform her team’s workflows.

Mac for design 

For over 15 years Karen and her design team have been using Mac on a day-to-day basis in order to create catalogues, brochures and other various marketing materials to support the organisation.  Creative Services Manager, Karen Tucker, and her design team have used Mac throughout the entirety of their time at Flowtech and couldn’t imagine using anything else. Karen says, “I have been using Mac for my entire career because I honestly think it enables creativity, and makes my team more productive and happier.” 

Karen’s team rely on creative suites and programmes to support their creative processes. That is why it is essential that the hardware used is able to run design software to its fullest capabilities. For Flowtech, that device has always been Mac. 

“Mac works seamlessly with Adobe Creative Cloud and works perfectly for using InDesign which is pivotal in the day-to-day operations of our team. It allows the Creative Services team to get the most out of the programmes they use day-to-day without having to worry.”

Scaling with Apple

As Flowtech continues to grow, the need for connectivity between teams has increased year-on-year. Using Apple within the Creative Services team has allowed the easy transfer of information and has created shared workspaces that prioritise collaboration.

Flowtech have recently expanded their offices to new locations in Birmingham and Leicester. Due to their continued long lasting relationship with Sync they have been able to equip new team members with Macs and also benefit from additional support covering all machines. This has helped them to keep all their purchases under one roof, giving them a one stop shop for all the services they need.

The creative team have been producing catalogues for over 20 years, making it a huge part of their role – these have sometimes been up to 200 pages long. But as things look to be changing in the way consumers browse before making a purchase, a shift has begun in the way that the Creative Services team work.

“We’re now seeing the end of catalogue production after 20 plus years, and for environmental reasons, the transfer to a digital alternative is inevitable.

As a result, their focus now lies on producing digital catalogues as opposed to print. Mac enables them to achieve this goal through a device that prides itself on ease of use and innovation. 

Data Storage and Security

Prior to working with Sync, Flowtech stored data using multiple platforms which often led to capacity issues, Karen explained that this “Had a knock-on effect for the rest of the company.” 

This was resolved by deploying Mac servers for data storage, eliminating technical challenges overnight.

When asked if her team at Flowtech had ever experienced any security concerns with Mac, Karen says that they have not. 

“Mac is foolproof. We’ve never had issues with security. Never.”

In 2021 businesses reported a 50% reduction in the risk of a data breach per deployed Mac.¹ This makes Mac the perfect solution for companies that might be concerned about their privacy and security.

Relationship with Sync

Flowtech has been working with Sync for over fifteen years and their account manager, Neil Douglas, has always been their go-to in terms of tech.

Karen says, “Anything Apple that we need – it’s always been through Neil and Sync. It’s beneficial for us to stick with Sync as we know we will always get the right support.” 

Sync and Flowtech maintain an open dialogue that includes their current Apple estate as well as what the future might hold for the company. Including the possibility of integrating MacBook Pro into the team alongside iMac should there ever be another situation that requires remote working. 

Working with Apple continues to help Flowtech staff unlock new levels of creativity, through continual innovation and ease of access to support and training from Sync Staff.

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