Tax Strategy

For the periods ended 31st December 2023 and onwards.

GBM Digital Technologies Group 

Tax strategy 

In accordance with Paragraph 16(2) Schedule 19 Finance Act 2016, the GBM Digital Technologies Group (comprising GBM Digital Technologies Group Holdings Limited and its direct and indirect subsidiaries) sets out below its group tax strategy for the periods ended 31 December 2023 onwards. 

Tax risk management and governance arrangements 

The Board of Directors of the Group has ultimate responsibility and oversight of the group tax strategy. The execution and ongoing review of the tax strategy and policies is the responsibility of the CEO, with the assistance of the wider finance team. 

Tax risks, and the implications arising from those risks (along with relevant mitigation) are regularly reviewed by the CEO. In addition, the CEO ensures that tax aspects of business arrangements and decisions are considered, and that appropriate external advice is sought from professional advisers. 

Where the preparation and submission of information to HMRC is outsourced to external advisers, consideration is given to the capability of the advisers, with all data/returns being reviewed internally prior to submission. 

Attitude towards tax planning and level of acceptable UK tax risk 

The Group is a responsible taxpayer and has a low tolerance to tax risk. It does not engage in aggressive tax planning or artificial arrangements. It is committed to paying the correct amount of tax, at the right time, and in accordance with UK tax law and regulations. 

The Group utilises tax reliefs, allowances, and incentives where applicable and as intended by the relevant legislation. Assistance is provided by external advisers where relevant to provide guidance and to ensure that appropriate levels of care are taken in relation to UK tax compliance. 

Relationship with HMRC 

The Group’s policy is to maintain an open and transparent relationship with HMRC. All tax related returns are submitted by the relevant due dates and all necessary information requested by HMRC is provided in a timely manner. Where enquiries or audits are undertaken by HMRC, the Group aims to work collaboratively and constructively with HMRC to ensure cooperative compliance. 

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