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Posted 04.08.20

Apple in Education Webinar Series

We’re pleased to be hosting an Apple in Education webinar series across August and September 2020, focussing on the use of technology in primary and secondary schools. These sessions are designed to help facilitate the move to digital workflows.

Schools reopening

With schools looking to reopen in March, the DfE has issued guidance for the full opening of schools, which naturally includes more advice relating to risk management, and operational changes.

These changes include (but are not limited to):

  • schools taking steps to reduce contact between pupils, through the use of ‘bubbles’ – i.e. grouping children together, and avoiding contact between groups
  • whilst the guidance states that pupils and teachers can take books (and other shared resources) home, it does also highlight that any unnecessary sharing should be avoided
  • shared resources can be used within a bubble, however cleaned regularly and thoroughly – and must remain cleaned and unused for a set period when being moved between groups

In practice, the guidance represents a series of challenges for primary and secondary schools, as they represent fairly substantial changes to existing operational practices.

Addressing the challenges

In order to specifically address these issues, we are pleased to provide educators with a free webinar recordings from live sessions, focusing on how schools can:

  • handle greater levels of intervention due to students working in bubbles
  • utilise alternatives to taking books home to mark
  • discover new and innovative ways to access resources

The series ran from the 18th of August 2020 until the end of September 2020.

Full detail about the sessions and recordings is provided below:

18.08.20 – Managing student workflows with iPad – Recording


20.08.20 – Marking and assessment – Recording


25.08.20 – Create you own books and resources – Recording


27.08.20 – Live collaboration from anywhere – Recording


01.09.20 – Making music with iPad and GarageBand – Recording


03.09.20 – Edit video with Mac + Final Cut Pro for Mac – Recording


08.09.20 – Bring green screen to your classroom – Recording


10.09.20 – Digitising workflows with SchoolWork – Recording


15.09.20 – Taking better notes… with Notes for iPad – Recording


17.09.20 – Managing iPad with Jamf School – Recording


22.09.20 – Managing iPad in Academies with Jamf School – Recording


24.09.20 – Parent and Teacher management with Jamf School – Recording


29.09.20 – Deliver ‘remote lessons’ with Jamf School – Recording


About the presenter

All of the Apple in Education webinar sessions in this series are presented by Ricky Brown. Ricky is a seasoned educator and certified Apple Professional Learning Specialist (APLS).

Want to see more?

You can also get in touch and arrange a 1:1 session with our education consultants, to explore how technology could be used to support your institution.

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