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iPad in Secondary

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iPad in Secondary Schools

Our team of education consultants work across the UK to support the adoption and integration of iPad in secondary schools. With the growing demand for modern technology use in education, the drive to provide equitable access to digital content, and the pressure to provide more flexible learning options, Secondary schools across the UK are adopting a 1:1 (one device per student) model.

In a typical 1:1 environment, all staff and students are equipped with the an iPad, allowing them to work, communicate and collaborate through digital means. Students are equipped with a device from their entry in year 7, and the device is updated on a fixed 2 or 3 year basis – ensuring that the they always have access to the current technology.

Beyond the provision of technology, our experts work with secondary schools to develop a strategy for adoption, which includes the end-to-end operational, technical, and curriculum components of the deployment. This typically includes helping schools to define their vision, audit their existing technology, create an ongoing CPD plan to support with adoption, and provide ongoing technical support.

Why UK schools choose iPad

iPad is an incredibly versatile classroom resource, providing both power and mobility, helping schools
unleash student creativity, and maximise productivity. In a recent UK study, schools also highlighted
enhanced outcomes, reduced workloads, and better engagement.

Benefit from enhanced
learning outcomes¹

Report reduced
teacher workload2

Say students are
more engaged3

The four pillars of an iPad 1:1

If your secondary school is looking to adopt a 1:1 model, there are a number of key components to consider first. These being vision, financial sustainability, CPD, and technical environment. Together, these four components form the framework that any 1:1 iPad project needs to succeed.


Establishing a firm vision for your project will help you to communicate it your your staff, students, and the wider community. Furthermore, it will provide you with the ability to measure your project’s progress and success.


How will the project be funded? There are a number of different models, including capital purchase, lease, and parental contribution. Whichever model you choose, you will need to ensure that it is sustainable over the coming years.

CPD and training

When we talk about CPD and training, we are also looking at change management. In order to ensure the successful uptake of iPad in the classroom, a full CPD structure should be put in place, helping everyone adapt to this change.

Technical Environment

When bringing in device on a 1:1 scale, your technical environment will form the technological backbone of your iPad project. Most schools migrating to 1:1 are doubling or even tripling the number of devices currently onsite at their school.

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Sustainable Finance

Due to the scale and value of larger technology deployments, we believe the most cost effective way to fund a 1:1 programme is through parental contribution. This is where parents contribute some or all of the cost of the device, plus associated expenses (typically over 24 or 36 months).

Sync can facilitate all financial elements through a variety of plans from best value operating leases, through to handling a contribution system with zero-cost admin – which can recoup 100% of costs for the school, rendering the project cost neutral.

Even if your school has external funding or budget for the 1:1 scheme, we still suggest the parents contribute something. This helps to include and engage parents, guardians and students as stakeholders in the scheme, making them more accountable for their iPad. Regardless of how you fund your programme, sustainability is key to its success and longevity.

Explore Finance Options

Telephony in a Multi Academy Trusts

CPD and Teacher Training

In order to ensure the successful adoption and integration of technology in to your school curriculum, CPD is essential. In order to form a CPD plan for your school, we work closely with your SLT, KS and subject leads, in order to build an ongoing development plan that ties in with your pedagogy and vision for learning.

Typically, CPD plans are built around a coaching and mentoring model. Through coaching and mentoring, our teachers work with your teachers, both in and out of the classroom, to team-teach with tech. This helps build the confidence of your staff, and ‘learn while doing’, meaning that you don’t have to assign additional time for CPD.

One of the long-term outcomes of a strong CPD strategy should be to build out some internal capacity. This is where you identify a number of teachers to become ‘tech champions’. These teachers then undertake additional CPD to strengthen their knowledge and confidence – giving you in-house capability to deliver CPD.

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Technical Environment

Before embarking on your 1:1 journey, it’s important to audit your current technical environment. A good audit will include examining your network to ensure that it is capable of handling a large increases in devices connecting to it. This should also look at any other devices on your network, and how technology will work together.

You will also need to sign up to Apple School Manager, and look at deploying a Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution like Jamf School. Whether you have an existing MDM in place, or are deploying one for the first time – you are likely to create a new deployment and management workflow for your new devices (such as zero-touch).

It is also important to remember that CPD is just as important for your technical team as it is for your teachers. This could include putting your team through Apple technical training, or signing up for technical support – giving your team the capability to escalate any technical issues that arise.

How Sync help Secondary schools with 1:1

We work with schools across the UK to support with the end-to-end 1:1 iPad adoption and integration process. This includes consultancy, provision, finance, CPD, technical solutions and more.

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Our team of Education Consultants work with secondary schools across the UK to create tailored 1:1 programmes, encompassing the financial, curriculum and technical elements of each project.

Get in touch to chat by email, phone, video chat, or arrange a meeting at your school.

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Finance and Subscription

There are a range of finance options available to help ensure the sustainability of your project. Finance and subscription programmes can help to reduce upfront costs, and provide flexibility.

Explore some simple cost-models, and learn more about subscription

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Apple Financial Services

We partner directly with Apple Financial Services to provide a range of different financial models to aid with your programme – all backed by an operating lease.

Learn how Apple Financial Services make it easier than ever to bring iPad to your school in a simple, cost-effective way.

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Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

A structured CPD plan is crucial to the success and impact of the project. We have worked closely with schools that have deployed 1:1 iPad, and have developed a programme to best support ongoing CPD.

Learn how our teachers work with schools to integrate iPad in to their curriculum.

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Apple Tools for IT and Deployment

Apple has built powerful tools for institutions that support IT in every step of the deployment process, helping you to streamline your iPad or Mac deployment – with tools like Federated Authentication.

Learn more about Apple School Manager, Classroom App, and more…

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Deployment Methodology and Device Management

Jamf School is a powerful Mobile Device Management (MDM) system – giving you control over your estate, including the ability to manage multiple sites, and share profiles between schools.

Discover how Jamf School could help with your school’s deployment workflow.

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Apple Technical Training and Certification

As an Apple Authorised Training Provider, we offer everything from Apple Certification courses, to bespoke sessions. Courses start from just £195 exVAT.

Learn more about our technical training today by checking out our full course list.

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Onsite and Remote Technical Support

It’s important to have someone to turn to should any technical challenges arise post-deployment. Our technicians can work onsite, or remotely to support your team.

Learn more about the different support mechanisms available to your school.

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  1. 68% of surveyed schools have seen enhanced learning outcomes since using iPad in their school. Source: TechValidate
  2. 93% of surveyed schools said teachers saved 1+ hours on administrative and assessment tasks every week. Source: TechValidate
  3. 77% of surveyed schools said students are more engaged since using iPad in the classroom. Source: TechValidate