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Posted 30.04.19

Integrating Apple devices in to your business

Businesses are increasingly realising the endless benefits of integrating Apple technology into the workplace.

Integrating Apple into existing IT infrastructures and servers may seem overwhelming. But the reality is that it’s never been easier or more cost-effective to deploy.

So what should you expect your transition to Apple in business to look like? And what steps are you likely to take in deploying this business technology?

Here’s our guide to integrating Apple technology into your business.

Find a strong partner or reseller

Enlisting the support of an Apple Authorised Reseller at the early stages is key. A knowledgeable and skilled reseller will work with you from the start. They will create a Proof of Concept that will add structure and make the journey seamless.

Engaging them at this stage in the programme will also ensure they form part of your extended Apple team.

As experts, they can help you integrate Apple into your business by offering services that cover everything from device management and deployment, to helpdesk support, and even financing.

If you are keen to offer employees choice over their devices, a reseller can also help you develop an employee-facing portal for equipment selection.

Where are you now with integrating Apple?

Working with your reseller or partner, it’s important to establish where your business is now. You can then understand how your existing collaboration and productivity applications will work with macOS and iOS.

A roadmap will then be devised to ensure a seamless transition to Apple in business.

And remember, before you can effectively deploy Apple in business as your preferred business technology suite, your IT team or the people responsible for overseeing the transition must be confident in their ability to manage all elements of the implementation.

We offer our customers Apple Certification training to ensure the IT team managing the system are up to scratch with the latest update. Having a comprehensive understanding of the updates will allow customers to get the most out of their machines.

Consider your financial options

We understand the financial burdens and challenges facing businesses. As such, we have developed a range of financial models to provide flexibility when deploying Apple as your preferred business technology.

For example, leasing and buyback which enables businesses to move a capital expense into an operating expense. New device-as-a-service options are another model worth exploring – these can be structured to include multiple products, device management and support.

It’s also worthwhile to consider the total cost of ownership of current equipment to provide as a benchmark when deciding which financial route to take.
Our Syncfinity package is the ultimate subscription and buyback solution. Customers can ensure their team is working with the latest Apple tech.

Choose your device management framework

It’s important to decide which Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution is best suited to your business and infrastructure when integrating Apple, for example, Jamf, AirWatch and Meraki. As well as helping guide this selection, your reseller will also discuss getting you started on the Apple Device Enrolment.

Some MDMs can also provide a self-service portal which will disseminate apps to each device within the business.

Consider ongoing levels of support required

Apple has a wealth of existing support documentation for its products. However, if you want to get a hands-on experience of your new technology, we would recommend working with your service provider.

For customers that want to get to grips with the tech in their own time, we offer Apple training courses. We also offer contracts for our experts to provide ongoing support.

Going for both options allows tech users to get the essential knowledge they need. They will also have the reassurance that they are covered for any complex queries.

And when it comes to security, maximise on the native security tools inherent within macOS and iOS to protect your corporate data.

A successful deployment of Apple in business should not impact on your continuity. Providing you have the right support and delivery partner, which understands everything from infrastructures and servers to storage, backup and recovery, then your business can continue to run seamlessly while your Apple integration takes place.

If you’re considering integrating Apple into your business, we can offer support and advice. Drop into our store or call our experts on 0330 159 5900.
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